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Adult Diaper Fetish 6

Gina Jacks Lukas Until He Cums Buckets And Buckets

Duration: 29m, 6s, Starring Gina, Lukas

(4 Votes)

Little, big baby Lukas won't stop his fucking crying but momma Gina knows best! He promptly shuts the fuck up after she jams her tit in his mouth. And the erotic suckling continues, much to Gina's delight. Hmm? What will shut this little ankle biter up for good? Why, a strap-on of course! She pushes aside his pampers and starts drilling him in the ass while yanking on his pecker. Lukas begins moaning in pleasure. He wants some more! Gina obliges him and penetrates his bum in all sorts of positions before stoking his wee wee until he splooges all over her tits. She looks over and the little shit is already fast on bed!

Adult Baby Tohan Gets His Midnite Feeding!

Duration: 26m, 3s, Starring Saskia, Tohan

(7 Votes)

Saskia stirs to the sounds of Tohan wailing. It must be time for his midnight feeding! Prancing in his room topless and wearing only a sexy thong, she quickly strips down and straps up. She powers her plastic dildo straight in Tohan's mouth to quell his incessant shit fits. There, there, you little bastard, mommy's got what you need. He starts to suckle on her nice, natural teats, which obviously is turning her on. Knowing that this is the only way he'll stop crying, Saskia pounds his tight ass with her strap-on til he's almost ready to cum! And cum he does...right on her milkies! Then, as some dirtyafterthought, he drinks it up!

Convincing Adult Baby Sucks Good Titty

Duration: 27m, 10s, Starring Suzi, Rimo

(1 Vote)

This is, by far, one of the funniest Adult Diaper installments. Virtuoso method actor, Rimo, captures the helpless AND fickle nature of Man Baby by waddling around looking like a goof. He innocently cups her tits and ass with his wandering hands. Then, likening her strap-on dildo to a pacifier, she plunges it into poor Rimo's mouth. He effectively shuts the fuck up and murmurs sweetly as the perversity continues. Now, Suzi has seen it fit to ram Rimo's arse with her plastic fuck toy! She props him on her lap and bounces his happy ass around like a damn Mexican jumping bean while stroking his cock! He cums on himself and passes out. Le Fin!

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