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Beg For Mercy

Dominatrix Kicks The Shit Out Of Gimp

Duration: 16m, 6s, Starring Alexis Payne

(2 Votes)

Alexis Payne spares no mercy for this fat, out of shape dude. He's all tied up in chains and leashes, not to mention a real nice gimp mask. His fat ass is going to get whipped, hit, slapped, and kicked today by Alexis and her other crazy bitch friend. This guys feels the pain from several different, but equally hurtful leather whips smacking his ass and hairy back. This poor guy promises to be good from now on, but the girls just think those are empty promises, and continue to discipline this sucker.

Busty Sluts Misty Rain And Julia Parton Humiliate Stud

Duration: 22m, 42s, Starring Julia Parton, Misty Rain

(5 Votes)

Misty Rain and Julia Parton definitely don't go easy on this poor unknown dude. Sure, they play with his cock a little bit, but these crazy whores just want to tease and hurt this guy today. Both chicks are on the busty side packing some really huge tits, but that's not our focus here... nope. This guy will feel some pain from having cigarettes put out all over his body, having his cock and balls tied off and teased, and being immersed in a cold water bath and letting the girls stomp all over him.

Slutty Bitch is Punished by A Mistress

Duration: 16m, 47s, Starring Julia Parton

(1 Vote)

A mistress finds a slut lounging on her bed and proceeds to strip her of her clothes. While she smokes a cigarette she ashes in her mouth and blows smoke all over her. The hot tip of the smoke burns her nipples, then she kisses it better to cool them off. She holds the tip of her smoke close to her clit teasing her but not touching her with it. With some chocking, flogging and nipples clamping she makes her bitch get wet combing pleasure and pain. She follows the pain with even more pleasure using her tongue to provide relief.

Fetish Boy Felix Enters the Dungeon

Duration: 15m, 55s, Starring Ashley Renee

(7 Votes)

Felix has been traveling through the New York Doms, visiting different Mistresses to experience a variety of sensations. He lives for being pushed to the limits. At a new place he finds himself caged like a beast on the floor where he can only see the feet and lower legs of his Dominatrix. When he is released form his cage he goes through a series of punishments all designed to make him beg for mercy. Two different Mistresses give him the ride of his life, tanning his hide and scalding his skin.

Man Slave begs For Mercy During Flogging

Duration: 49m, 21s, Starring Ashley Renee

(1 Vote)

A very bad boy has already been punished by one Dom when the Mistress wants her chance to teach him a lesson and correct his behavior. His ass is already bruised from the first beating and she disrobes him of his slave status. Face down on a bed, she ties up his legs and arms tightly so that he can't squirm. She covers his face in a mask and gags him then rips away his shorts so she can full access to his tight ass. She uses her favorite stick to lay a beating on his already hurting cheeks making purple welts appear.

Dominatrix Punishes Her Slaves Tits

Duration: 5m, 14s, Starring Brenda

(7 Votes)

A busty broad is strapped to the wall with a ball gagging her mouth. The Lady of the house has to punish her Doms in order to make sure they are following her rules. She grips her by the nipples and yanks her tits as far from her body as they will go. Twisting them like a door knob making her cry out in pain. With straps wrapped so tight around her tits that they start to turn purple with a lack of blood she clamps her nipples with clothes pins then flicks them with her fingers until she begs for mercy.

Sex Slave Has Her Pussy Clamped Shut

Duration: 4m, 8s, Starring Alexis Payne, Ashley Renee

(2 Votes)

Nothing gets a scene rolling like a little nipple torture and spanking. A young is looking to be a slave in this dungeon and plays with one of the other slaves. To be a good Mistress you have to follow each painfully slap with some tender touching, giving hope to your slave. They get caught by the Mistress of the house who decides to check out the good of the new girl and give her a taste of what's to come. Strapped to an electric chair with her pink pussy lips clamped shut she learns what pain really is.

Dominatrix Punishes Her Sex Slave

Duration: 14m, 10s, Starring Alexis Payne, Ashley Renee

(2 Votes)

A leather clad mistress relaxes while she waits for her slave to kiss her feet and beg for mercy. The slave uses her tongue to work her way up the Dominatrix's body. Her punishment doesn't end there, her mistress leads her to believe that she will finally be pleased but that will have to wait. She gets wrapped in cellophane so she can't move and gagged so the mistress can do as she pleases. With clothes pins clamping her nipples and clit she tugs them until the hurt letting her join her finishing school.

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