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Big Natural and Bound 2

Big Titted Teen Stevie Is Gagged And Tied Up

Duration: 18m, 29s, Starring Stevie Kaye, Rick Savage

(7 Votes)

Expert sadist Rick Savage is back, terrorising another busty beauty. Although the cruelty of a woman is unmatched, for true fear and domination you just need that masculine touch! Rick's towering reputation is enough to have the poor babe trembling before he even enters the room. He has her tied up with her hands above her head, completely helpless and with her full breasts exposed for his pleasure. She whimpers pitifully as he gags her with a ball in her mouth, roughly squeezing her breasts before he begins to restrain them with a thin rope. By the time he is done, the breasts are swollen as they hang suspended from the roof.

Older Bbw With Huge Tits Gets Nice Cock To Suck And Fuck

Duration: 19m, 32s, Starring Rusty Rhodes, Rick Savage

(12 Votes)

This voluptuous redhead is bored with the plain vanilla sex that she gets from her tedious husband. She answers an ad in the personals column, looking for submissive busty bitches who want to be disciplined by a real man. Later, she finds herself terrifyingly tied up in a warehouse, having her large breasts rubbed by a cruel and sinister man. He feels her breasts, squeezing them and tweaking the nipples, stretching them out in a way that her husband would never dare. He doesn't stop there, fastening her breasts in a traditional Eastern style that both effectively immobilises the victim and painfully distends her mammary glands.

Busty Whore Gets No Love From Her Sadist

Duration: 14m, 58s, Starring Cherie Gavuer, Rick Savage

(4 Votes)

This beautiful tart obviously has a few illusions about her relationship with her dominator! She seems to think that there is something intimate or romantic about her treatment, leaning back against her man as he reaches around from behind to paw her breasts. He has to show her who's boss, so he roughly shoves her to her knees, tying her full breasts painfully with nylon wire which cuts into them viciously. She squeals as he continues to wind the wire around her neck and then her lips, painfully cutting into her mouth. Later, he finishes the job properly by tying her breasts with rope and then clamping the tender nipples with pegs.

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