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Boob Exam Scam 4

Two Doctors Double Team A Hot Blond

Duration: 23m, 41s, Starring Kathy Anderson, Dr. Lars

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Kathy Anderson showed up at the doctors office to have her tits checked out. She was going to have some work done on them. The doctors took turns feeling them up then started taking her clothes off. They got her naked and one of them bent her over and stuck his cock in her pussy from behind. She figured it was part of the exam so she took the dick with a smile and even started sucking on the other guy. The guys traded spots so the other doctor could get some pussy. As they came she did as they suggested and swallowed it all. That is first class medical service.

Busty Brunette Patient Gets Doc's Cocks

Duration: 28m, 13s, Starring Tera, Dr. Lars

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Busty brunette Tera is getting examined by her doctor when he calls in another doctor to consult. The docs pull her dress down to give her a breast exam, massaging her large natural tits. They have her undress completely to be thorough, spreading her ass cheeks and rubbing her hot body. She drops to her knees to suck a cock while getting fingered from behind, and she gets fucked while being spooned while blowing the other doctor's dick. After taking it cowgirl and pile driver, she takes both their load all over her boobs.

Hot Chick Gets Fucked By Two Doctors

Duration: 42m, 44s, Starring Arwen, Dr. Lars

(4 Votes)

We are greeted by Arwen a hot chick and two guys who apparently need to examine her and soon her shirt is coming off and they're both squeezing her tits and pinching them. Then her skirt comes up, underwear comes aside and they both start fingering her pussy and her pussy hole. One doctor then sticks a thermometer into her twat and then bends her over to examine her ass and large ass hole, and then sticks the thermometer in her ass hole as well. They then pull her pussy hole apart to examine the inside and then one of the doctors sticks his finger inside. She then lays down with her legs spread wide open and one doctor starts to eat her out.

Floppy Tits Chick Gets Rammed By 2 Guys

Duration: 27m, 9s, Starring Liana, Dr. Lars

(10 Votes)

Liana a hot chick comes in and meets up with two doctors who almost immediately start to feel her tits through her dress. They then take them out and each doctor takes one huge tit in his hands and squeezes and pinches. Before long they're both sucking on them and then her underwear get pushed down and one of the doctors starts playing with her pussy. They then turn her around and bend her over and stick a thermometer in her ass hole while fingering her pussy. She then kneels down between both of them and starts sucking each of their dicks. Then as she's sucking ones' dick the other starts fucking her in the pussy and ass, and they alternate.

Doctors Consult All Over Her Big Tits

Duration: 20m, 20s, Starring Lus, Dr. Lars

(2 Votes)

Gorgeous blonde Lus visits her doctors for an examination. They take her dress straps down to give her a through breast exam, massaging and kneading her huge natural tits. They help her remove her dress completely and have her sit on the desk so they can examine her pussy. She's soon sucking one doc's cock while getting fucked doggy style by the other. She bounces on one dick reverse cowgirl while getting tit fucked, and she rides a rod cowgirl while blowing the other. She finally takes both men's loads all over her face and tits, ending up covered in their cum.

Busty brunette Gets Examined By Her Doc

Duration: 32m, 47s, Starring Trish

(3 Votes)

Busty brunette Trish visits her doctor for a check up. She's interviewed and has a preliminary exam from a hot blonde nurse, who has her remove her top so she can have a breast exam. The doctor is soon examining her huge tits himself, and he settles between her legs to eat out her bald pussy. She drops to her knees to suck his hard cock, blowing him slow until he stands her up and bends her over to fuck her doggy style. She rides him reverse cowgirl, and she wraps those big boobs around his dick so he can tit fuck her. He finally blows his load all over her breasts.

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