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Cute Brunette Amateur Plays with Dick

Duration: 19m, 10s, Starring Crissy Cums, Jenner

(3 Votes)

Crissy Cums is a very cute amateur that happens to like picking up random guys and fucking the hell out of them back at her place. It's a bit of an odd habit, but do you really think I'm going to complain about it? Today she picks up Jenner, smiling as she walks him back to the apartment. She strips down with him, her perky tits just teasing and taunting him until his dick is completely hard. This is one of the few pornos I've ever seen that actually has the couple making out - now that's something way out there.

Hot Strippers Giving Happy Ending

Duration: 22m, 19s, Starring Barbie Bucxxx, Marisol, Veronica Jett, Jenner, Ryan Knox

(2 Votes)

Veronica Jett, Marisol, and Barbie Bucxxx are the type of strippers that you always hope to end up with - the kind that will make you want to drop plenty of dollars on them - but these ones just want to have a good time and fuck. Jenner and Ryan Knox are perfectly happy with watching the ladies do their things, but once they start offering up pussy that's cool with them too. It's a spontaneous thing, but soon enough they are all fucking on the tables, chairs, and any other surface that they can manage to get themselves on.

Bleach Blond Pornstar on Big Dick

Duration: 20m, 38s, Starring Barbie Bucxxx, Jenner

(1 Vote)

Barbie Bucxxx is the type of chick that you expect to see on the pole in a strip club, but right now she's off the pole and onto a pole in another aspect - Jenner's thick, fat cock. She starts off by opening up her mouth nice and wide, and slurping down every last bit of that dick. Once she slides her mouth down all the way, she keeps on slurping it all up and enjoying it. He might not want that dick sucking to end, but her pussy has other ideas in mind, and she is riding that dick like it's a bucking bronco.

Gorgeous Amateur Taking Stiff Cock

Duration: 16m, 50s, Starring Marisol, Panama Jack

(7 Votes)

Marisol has a very unique look to her - her wavy hair, her sultry face, her succulent pussy - all of that combines into one rather delicious package. Panama Jack brings his big dick out for some fun with her, pushing her pussy out nice and wide, and then stretching it out beyond the limit. The camera zooms in super close to let you see her lips spreading out, and she is moaning at the top of her lungs. Her long hair waves all over as she is pounded, getting more and more into the action as the dick keeps on pounding away.

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