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Double Trouble

Redhead Sasha Sits On Latex Gimp's Face

Duration: 6m, 47s, Starring Mistress Latex, Sasha Monet, The Gimp

(Not Rated)

This latex fetish scene introduces a new character to the action: a male gimp, tied down on the table and clad head to toe in restrictive latex. Mistress Latex checks his bonds to make sure that they are nice and tight and that he is not going to get away, then she calls her new assistant - newly broken down redhead slave Sasha Monet - into the room. Sasha revels in her new-found power; she looks smoking hot in a short black latex dress that shows off her big boobs and awesome ass. As the gimp struggles helplessly, Sasha cruelly sits directly on his face, smothering him and teasing him to lick her wet and sloppy vagina.

Latex Mistress Beats Her Sobbing Slave

Duration: 13m, 38s, Starring Mistress Latex, Sasha Monet

(2 Votes)

This cruel latex mistress just keeps inflicting worse and worse punishments on her slave, gorgeous redhead Sasha Monet. She peels off the top half of Sasha's purple bodysuit, replacing it with an even tighter, jet black latex dress. Sasha's curvaceous legs are still clad in purple latex although her bottom is left bare. She remains tied and unable to move as her mistress beats her bottom raw with a whip. Sasha cries and begs for clemency, but she will find no mercy here - this mistress won't stop until she has broken this slave down into her own personal submissive slut! By the end of the clip, Sasha is licking her mistress's feet.

Latex Mistress Fucks Her Slave With Toy

Duration: 17m, 11s, Starring Mistress Latex, Sasha Monet

(1 Vote)

Latex lovers will adore this lesbian domination scene! Redhead Sasha Monet gets dressed in a restrictive purple latex bodysuit and tied face down on a bench with her legs spread by her cruel mistress. She struggles and squeals, trying to break free, but her bonds are too tight - she is completely helpless! We see her sexy mistress, her face always concealed by her latex mask, strip off and reveal her nubile, shaved body. She comes back into the room dressed in latex once again and this time she's sporting an impressive black strap-on! Sasha screams in panic as the strap-on slides in to her little cunt, but she can do nothing!

Submissive Latex Paid Tied Up And Beaten

Duration: 9m, 33s, Starring Mistress Latex, Sasha Monet

(1 Vote)

If you're into skintight latex and bondage your dick will be rock hard as you watch latex clad babe Mistress Latex tying down busty redhead Sasha Monet. Sasha has got great tits and a pretty face, not to mention an awesome mop of bright red hair, but that is soon hidden from view as her mistress covers her from head to toe in a skin tight and extremely restrictive purple latex bodysuit. Only her nose is left exposed so that she can just breathe! Then she lies down on the table by her mistress, who ties her firmly with red cord. She can't move a muscle, even when her mistress beats her mercilessly with a red cat of nine tails!

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