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Freddie's British Granny Fuck 11

Curvy Granny in Lingerie Fucking

Duration: 39m, 55s, Starring Debbie Desire, G

(5 Votes)

The one really cool thing about mature porn is that you have so many different body types to admire. Debbie Desire is the hottest granny that you are going to see on the chubby end of the scale, and there is nothing like seeing those awesome natural tits bouncing all over the place when she's bouncing up and down on top of cock. G takes full advantage of this, making sure that she is getting her fill of dick, and she also loves stuffing her mouth full of it and going at it nice and hard. Now this is what I would call super hot mature porn.

Busty Granny Ready For Fucking

Duration: 22m, 21s, Starring Bitten, Freddie

(4 Votes)

There aren't a ton of women out there in the 50 year old age group that are down with porn, but Bitten is more than happy to lend a hand to those of us that love mature babes. Freddie is all over this sweet pussy, and the real star of the show is her tits. They are just so goddamn spectacular that you are going to be fantasizing about motorboating them all night long. Freddie works her over well, making those tits bounce all over while he's pounding the hell out of her sweet grandmother pussy.

Slutty Grandma Spreading Her Legs

Duration: 31m, 32s, Starring Helen, Freddie

(4 Votes)

Helen is not what you would expect when you hear the word grandma. She is wearing the sluttiest lingerie that she can find. You have thigh high stockings, a bra that lets her natural mature tits hang right out, and panties that just need to be pushed over the smallest of bits in order to stick a dick in there. She's certainly not dressed for a night of baking cookies - she's dressed to fuck all night long. Freddie is all over that mature pussy, and you can almost see him drooling the first time he gets to see that slit.

Short Haired GILF Getting Her Freak On

Duration: 22m, 23s, Starring Bi Vixen Blue, G

(6 Votes)

Bi Vixen Blue might not look like your typical pornstar, but she's just as intense as your standard porn hussy. Of course, she is different in one important way - she's a 50 year old granny that doesn't want to keep her legs closed. That's a good thing for us and G, because there isn't enough mature porn out there and I want to see more more more. G ends up giving her pussy a solid pounding after he gets his dick slurped for a nice, long time. He's leaving with a smile on his face and come all over the place.

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