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Ivy Manor 2

PVC Slut Cries From Her Fear And Terror

Duration: 10m, 42s, Starring Isabella Sinclaire, Jewel Marceau

(2 Votes)

This cruel dominatrix sure knows how to treat her slaves! At the beginning of this episode the camera zooms in on the face of the beautiful mistress, who appears to be stirring up from a long and restful night's slumber. However, as the camera pulls back, we can see that next to her on the bed is her poor slave, dressed head to toe in a PVC outfit and with her arms and legs tied behind her back so that she is completely immobile. Instead of teasing the poor tramp, the dominatrix just pulls off the hood, revelling in the fear in the tramp's eyes. She tightens the bonds, sticking a ball gag gate into her quivering girl's mouth.

Screaming Slave Gets Cruel Whip Beating

Duration: 13m, 53s, Starring Damiana, Eden Wells, Isabella Sinclaire, Jewel Marceau

(6 Votes)

It's all very good to get arty and intellectual with your bondage, but sometimes you just want to see a submissive slave get a damn good beating! That's exactly what these two horny dominatrices want, with a beautiful and busty blond tied up in their torture chamber. The blond is beautiful and she is stacked, her fine breasts exposed by the fact that her hands are tied cruelly above her head. She is clad only in her panties - her mistresses don't want to see her mucky cunt. They take turns beating her with a variety of implements, popping her and whacking her until her ass is red and raw, covered in the lesions from the whips.

Lesbian Teases Bound Girl With Stiff Pinched Nipples

Duration: 9m, 29s, Starring Isabella Sinclaire, Jewel Marceau

(4 Votes)

It just keeps getting worse and worse for this busty slut. She is tied up, completely immobilised by her evil dominatrix. She screams, her nipples painfully clamped, and she quivers in fear as she sees her mistress approaching her once again. The mistress pulls out a little pair of nipple clamps, adding weight to the apparatus so that the nipples and breasts sag under the weight. The slave screams as her ample breasts get tortured in the most painful and cruel way possible, but this is only the start of her punishment. When this treatment is through, all of her breasts and her cunt will be red, raw and painful. But she deserves it!

Hot Lesbian Bondage Scene With A Ballgag In Her Mouth

Duration: 7m, 36s, Starring Isabella Sinclaire, Jewel Marceau, Mia Pavelli

(3 Votes)

Big boobed Jewel is gagged and her hands are bound behind her back with a jar of honey strapped around her neck. She delivers her treat to a masked woman who covers her in honey and slowly licks it off her busty cleavage, after she removes the ball gag she shares some of her honey with her slave. Finally being untied, Jewel eagerly gets her hands all over her captors luscious tits then spreads her legs so she can have her pussy eaten. Just as she is about to climax the jar of honey is dumped on her face.

Bondage and Punishment For All

Duration: 2m, 43s, Starring Isabella Sinclaire, Jewel Marceau, Mia Pavelli

(1 Vote)

Two girls are chained to a wall with their tits squished together, kissing through their masks. Their dominatrix arrives to separate them, moving them to the floor masked with their hands bound behind their back. She places a breathing apparatus around one of their mouths, teasing them to share air in order to breath, then closes them inside a rubber bag. Inside the bag they have to kiss and share the oxygen that one girl is getting, they begin to enjoy the intimacy of the bag. When the mistress returns she is disappointed that they enjoyed their punishment.

Gimp Slut Shut Inside Tiny Wooden Box

Duration: 13m, 46s, Starring Isabella Sinclaire, Jewel Marceau

(3 Votes)

If you're a claustrophobic, this fetish video isn't for you! A beautiful slave is dressed head to toe in a shiny patent leather outfit, complete with a gas mask. She looks quite sinister, but she is completely submissive to the demands of her stunning, brunette, high heel wearing dominatrix. She has her body caressed and teased by her mistress, and then she is ordered to stand inside a small wooden crate. She whimpers as she lies down inside, bending uncomfortably into the foetal position in order to accommodate her adult body in the tiny space. The mistress fills the rest of the casket with polystyrene and seals it.

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