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Ivy Manor 3

Fetish Slave Is Tied Up Outside At Night

Duration: 9m, 38s, Starring Isabella Sinclaire, Jewel Marceau, Mia Pavelli

(2 Votes)

If classy lesbian fetish scenes are your thing, look no further than this excellent and erotic video. It begins with a beautiful babe sunbathing on a deck chair. That sounds pretty standard, you say - except that she is having her delectable toes licked by a feminine slave who is bound head to toe in the tight PVC! In a gimp costume, similar to the famous one in the movie Pulp Fiction, this nasty slut is made to do her mistress's bidding. She fails at her task at licking the feet adequately, so she is tied to a stake and left out on the beach overnight. With her arms held above her head she sags pitifully against her bonds.

Young Cutie Gets Hardcore Butt Spanking

Duration: 8m, 36s, Starring Jewel Marceau, Mia Pavelli

(1 Vote)

This gorgeous but naughty bitch needs to be punished! In this stark and stylised fetish scene, a cute babe in her bra is bent over the knee of her leather clad mistress. Her squeals are partly muffled by the ball gag in her mouth, and she looks pitifully into the camera as her mistress bangs her bottom, her eyes full of torrid fear. She yelps with every firms slap of the mistress' hand on her bottom, her perfect young breasts jiggling with each strike. Soon she is squirming, trying to get away, fearing the intense stinging pain of the hand on her buttocks. However, there is no escape, and she must endure the full punishment.

Slave Screams As Hot Wax Touches Clit

Duration: 20m, 51s, Starring Jewel Marceau, Mia Pavelli

(1 Vote)

Is there no end to the cruel torments that this mistress wants to hand out to her victims? In this scene, the mistress is dressed in a skin tight red PVC dress, tightly hugging her voluptuous curves. Her hapless victim is completely naked, spread out with her arms and legs tied. Her large breasts are exposed and so is her shaved cunt, and the harder she struggles against her bonds, the tighter they become. Her mistress regards her with cold aloofness, dripping hot candle wax on her private spots. The poor girl screams as the hot wax touches her nipples and her sensitive clit, but her cries are a strange mix of pain and ecstatic pleasure.

Slave Cleans Her Mistress's Pretty Feet

Duration: 10m, 28s, Starring Isabella Sinclaire, Jewel Marceau

(105 Votes)

This hot lesbian scene begins with two gorgeous babes in the bath. There is one crucial difference between the two ladies; while one is completely nude, as you would expect with a lady in the bath, the other is dressed in a skin tight PVC outfit from the neck down. Of course, she is the slave, bound to do her Master's bidding. She cleans her mistress from head to toe, starting with the feet and paying special attention to them. She worships the soles of the feet and the delectable toes before she moves up the body, caressing the entire body of her beautiful mistress. She works around to the back, gently rubbing her mistress's shoulders.

A Girl Is Tied Up By Her Dominatrix On The Beach

Duration: 7m, 59s, Starring Isabella Sinclaire, Jewel Marceau

(3 Votes)

Be warned - if you're into female domination, then you might find this hot scene too intense to bear! A beautiful brunette gets trussed up like an animal, totally enslaved by her equally gorgeous Master. The slave is dressed in one of the sluttiest outfits imaginable, including thigh high, skin tight PVC boots. She has a large metallic gag in her mouth, holding her mouth open in an uncomfortable position. She is held on a leash by her mistress and made to run along the beach in her heels, stumbling and tripping, completely submissive to her mistress's demands. When she doesn't perform adequately, she gets a hardcore beating.

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