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Victoria Swinger has a killer grip for a good reason

Duration: 11m, 15s, Starring Victoria Swinger, Clark

(3 Votes)

Remember those hand-grip excercise toys from the 1970s, the ones with a metal loop and two plastic handles? If you ever wondered where they all went - we can tell you that Victoria Swinger still has a closet full of them. She also has two of the strongest hands any woman has ever had. It's not like she is trying to work on her handshake... when Victoria grabs your cock to give you a handjob this bitch can crank out your cum quick!

Athletic Brunette Loves Cock In Her Hand

Duration: 9m, 54s, Starring Electra Angel, Renato

(3 Votes)

Slim and athletic brunette Electra Angel looks divine as she walks around in the back yard, appealing in her short skirt and bikini top. Porn star Renato spies her and wants some of that, so he rocks up and gets his mack on. Soon she's on her knees, pulling his erect man stick out of his pants and gasping in awe. This slut has seen a lot of cocks, but Renato's smooth brown cock is one of a kind. She spits on the cock to make it nice and wet, then starts to jack his shaft from the base right up to the tender tip. Renato stands relaxed with his hands behind his back, and she's the star of the show when she pumps out his cum all over her tits.

Sexy Brunette Gives Hot Kitchen Footjob

Duration: 9m, 1s, Starring Monica Unco, Richard Raymonde

(3 Votes)

Gorgeous brunette Monica Unco and horny porn stud Richard Raymonde are chatting in the kitchen when things get cooking. The slut starts rubbing the bulge in the front of his pants, pulling out his prick and holding it until it's rock hard. She can't believe how big and hard it is, standing to attention all on its own! She gets on her knees, spitting on the shaft for lubrication, and starts to jack her appreciative man off. She sits back and uses her pretty feet as well for a great foot job. She eventually goes back to jerking, using both hands to get her man's impressive member off and rubbing his sweet cum between her palms.

Dropdead Gorgeous Blond Gives Jack Job

Duration: 10m, 28s, Starring Cora Carina, Richard Raymonde

(3 Votes)

Gorgeous blond Cora Corina looks so arousing, standing there in the shower with her man Richard Raymonde, her ass stuck out to expose both her holes to the camera. She is one hot bitch with a body to die for! She and her man get nice and wet and soapy, rubbing the suds all over each others' bodies. Richard rummages with her ass and pussy before she takes his rock hard prick in a firm grip and starts to jack him, the soap and water providing excellent lubrication for a great hand job. She kneels down in the water, so her face is closer to the cock, and jerks him like a pro. His thick cum eventually dribbles out into the palm of her hand.

Redhead Jerks Guy's Cum All Over Pussy

Duration: 9m, 50s, Starring Dia, Renato

(4 Votes)

Sexy redhead babe Dia is dressed up like a devil - and she proves herself to be a naughty little slut in this erotic handjob scene. She teases her man, lucky Euro stud Renato, rubbing her hands all over his crotch and enjoying the feel of his massive rock hard prick beneath the fabric. She unzips his trousers and gets out his knob, wrapping her hand around the thick length and starting to pump the head. He stands up and she pulls down her top so he can enjoy the view while she jerks him off. The slut even pulls her panties aside to reveal her shaved pussy, and jerks her man's cum all over the lips of her snatch when he blows his load.

Busty Brunette Jerks For Fetish Handjob

Duration: 9m, 15s, Starring Amanda Black, Bruno Aissix

(3 Votes)

Nasty whore Amanda gives a killer handjob in this fetishistic sex scene. The clip opens with a close up of her bright pink pussy as it gets licked and fingered by her man Bruno. He gives her quim a good tonguing and you wonder why her moans sound so distorted. The camera pans up, and you see that she's got a metal gag in her mouth, with four sharp prongs holding her delectable lips open. She reaches up - raising her incredible boobs in the process - and grabs Bruno's hard prick. She wraps her long fingers around it and starts to jerk, touching the tip to her lips and tongue as best she can before he spurts into her open, eager mouth.

Slutty Aerobics Instructor Gets Bicep Workout

Duration: 10m, 30s, Starring Jaqueline Stone, Lauro De Giotto

(1 Vote)

Horny lightweight Jaqueline Stone wants some help toning her muscles, so she gets a personal trainer. This Eurotrash instructor gives her lessons on a new technique that's all the rage for building biceps--jerking him off! Jaqueline's instructor decides that her mouth needs a little work too, getting her lips tight around his cock to help keep the machinery well lubed and running smoothly. This blond bimbo works out while her instructor concentrates on his tongue flicking and pussy licking skills!

An Exotic Dancer Gives A Handjob

Duration: 9m, 14s, Starring Melanie, Mario

(1 Vote)

Melanie was giving a striptease to a customer at the bar who was getting quite aroused watching her. She came over to him and noticed that he had quite a bulge in his pants. She started to rub him on the outside of his pants, making his cock twitch and beg for more. So she pulled him out of his pants and with some lotion, she starts stroking on his hard meat. She gives him a handjob in all sorts of ways, even using two hands on his cock at once. She continues to jerk him off while they kiss and she moves faster and faster. Finally she bares her titties and while she's fondling her erect nipples, he sprays his load all over them.

A Girl In Boxing Training Strokes Cock

Duration: 8m, 40s, Starring Black Diamond, Renato

(4 Votes)

Black Diamond is in training to be a boxer when her trainer has some other training methods in mind. He says she needs practice to quicken her hands so he immediately whips out his cock so that she can give him a handjob and show him really how quick her hands can move. She jerks his cock in all sorts of ways, even giving a little lick to the tip of it as she laps up the precum on his glistening head. As she's stroking with two hands, she even gets the idea to stuff it between her titties and lube them up for a good titty fucking. She gets so turned on while she's jerking him that she plays with her own pussy and he cums all over her tits.

Blonde MILF Strokes Cock, Takes Facial

Duration: 8m, 53s, Starring Tiffany Rousso, Clark

(7 Votes)

Sexy blonde MILF Nikky pulls up her dress to show off her shaved pussy, pouring oil on it. She stands and strips showing off her nice ass and fine natural boobs. She sits down in her chair and takes hold of his cock, slowly stroking it to get him hard. She jacks his dick and rubs her snatch at the same time, and oils up his rod so that it's nice and slippery. She puts it between her tits for some tit fucking, and sits on the couch, jerking him off and rubbing the head of his meat against her nipples. She kneels down in front of him and strokes him faster until he blows his load all over her face, giving her a facial she swallows.

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