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Brunette Gives Lucky Guy Master Hand Job

Duration: 10m, 4s, Starring Lucy Love, Ricardo Bell

(14 Votes)

Lucy Love is one hot brunette. When she sees a cock that she likes, she just has to go down on it. This girl gets on her knees on the patio and goes to town on Ricardo bell with her hands. She works his shaft and polishes his dome like a pro for second. She lays his cock between her tits and then licks up and down his dick. Lucy particularly likes to play with the pecker. She massages it with both hands flat on his member and even adds lotion. This specialized hand job that includes a bit of licking and tip sucking, and she even plays with his balls. This hand job is one that he will certainly remember for a long time.

With a whore like Monique you are best off getting a handy!

Duration: 12m, 17s, Starring Monique, Ricardo Bell

(6 Votes)

Monique has a really big mouth. She says some really nasty things which is great but when she sucks cock there is way too much room between her plump lips. The solution is to get her to give you a handy instead! Let her grip your rod with both hands and jerk you off with a tight friction-filled two fisted fuck while she is free to talk dirty right until the end when you spew your sperm into her oversized mouth!

Busty Euro Babe Jerks Cum All Over Tits

Duration: 11m, 14s, Starring Zafira, Thomas

(8 Votes)

Zafira has got to be hands down one of the hottest porn stars on the planet - her face and boobies are just phenomenal! She hasn't done too many non-lesbian scenes, so you're lucky to see her in this explicit handjob clip. She meets her stud Thomas on the street, and they retire to an alleyway where she strips off to show off her incredible assets. Pulling his cock out of his pants, she jacks him to full hardness and shows off her fantastic stroking skills - this babe just has to do more sex scenes! Her man is so turned on he cums pretty quick, leaving his white stains splattered all over her heavy jugs.

Blond Warehouse Whore Gives Hot Handjob

Duration: 12m, 45s, Starring Caroline De Jaie, Gery Taylor

(3 Votes)

Some guys get all the luck! Stud Gery Taylor is walking around the warehouse, looking for the product his boss wants him to get, when the boss's whore of a wife comes out of nowhere, clad in nothing but a pair of thigh high boots! She gets down on her knees without a word and pulls his pants down. He knows he shouldn't but he can't resist the charms of the sexy Caroline De Jaie - she's just too fucking hot! She works his dick with her hands, mouth and tits, and what a pair of tits they are too. It's not long before he's ready to cum - she opens her mouth wide and his spunk spills out all over her face and boobies.

Wife Gives Tasty Whipped Cream Handjob

Duration: 10m, 11s, Starring Valentina Velasques, James Brossman

(5 Votes)

Well hung stud James Brossman has got one hell of a wife - when he gets home after a hard day's work, not only is she in the kitchen cooking him his dinner, but she's dressed to the nines in heels and garter stockings and ready to sexually please him in any way he might desire! He plays with her boobies and ass, giving her crack a playful lick, and then she pulls his cock out and wanks him hard. Determined to give him something special, she covers his dick with spray on cream out of a can to use as lube and proceeds to give him a quality handjob, perfect in pressure, speed and stroke - she even eats the cum out of her hand when he's done!

Office Girl Gives Hung Stud A Handjob

Duration: 10m, 44s, Starring Gigi, Rambo

(7 Votes)

The big dick stud known only as Rambo is flirting with the new office girl, brunette hottie Gigi, when things start to get touchy feely. Teasing the young slut, he convinces her to get her tits out and then to unzip his pants. As she hold his fat prick in her hand, he smiles at her encouragingly and she slowly starts to pump his foreskin. Soon his dick is rock hard and filling her hand nicely. He sits back on the desk and she continues to pump his prick and you can tell from the look in her eye that she's really turned on and wants him to cum. When he feels that pressure in his balls, Rambo stands up and unloads his spunk right onto her.

Vivien Loves Jacking Guys Off

Duration: 9m, 42s, Starring Vivien, James Brossman

(9 Votes)

Vivien is tall, sexy and exotic and she loves giving handjobs. She met James while on vacation, went back to his place and got him naked so she could feel his body and jack him off. She handled that rod like a driver shifting gears as she tugs and stroks it. He is hard in her hand in seconds and begging her not to stop. She lays him down on the floor so she can get a two handed grip, grabbing his prick and stroking like there is no tomorrow. She doesn't let up or relent until he shoots a load into the air and all over her hands which she proceeds to lick clean.

Blond On Street Gives Biker A Handjob

Duration: 9m, 22s, Starring Debbie White, Ricardo Bell

(3 Votes)

Dirty fucker Ricardo Bell manages to get another handjob from a random hottie in the street! He's on the streets of a European city, cleaning his motorcycle, when busty blond babe Debbie White comes along and is impressed with the biker and seduces him. He willingly flops out his big cock and she gasps when she sees it. Standing in front of him so no one can see, she takes his firm prick in her hand and starts to jack him. He's turned on by her sexy bod and he's rock hard in her grasp. She works his dick expertly, pumping it slow then fast, paying extra special attention to the head and finally extracting his cum onto her palm.

Busty Slut Gives Great Back Yard Handjob

Duration: 10m, 2s, Starring Cory Everson, Ricardo Bell

(6 Votes)

Ever wanted a quick handjob from a sexy slut you've seen on the street? That's exactly what happens in this random handjob scene - porn stud Ricardo Bell spies Euro-style hottie Cory Everson hanging out her washing and lets himself into her back yard. She likes the look of him and takes him behind a bush, dropping to her knees and unbuckling his belt. She proceeds to lick and suck his dick and balls to ecstasy. She loves his cock, getting it nice and wet and rubbing it between her full titties, finally jacking his stiff prick with both hands until there's cum spilling out down her face and on to her big jugs.

Lilane Shows Off Her Handjob Skills

Duration: 9m, 48s, Starring Liliane Tiger, Gery Taylor

(5 Votes)

Liliane Tiger was doing some work when her man Gery walked in. He was horny and wanted some action so he took her by the hand and led her into the living room. She knew what he wanted so she pulled out his cock and started stroking him. She has very talented hands so she had him fully erect fast and was building up speed. He got her out of her clothes and got into a nice 69 so he could takes and play with her shaved pussy while she jacked him off. She took his balls in one hand and stroked with the other as he came and she caught his full load with her tongue.

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