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Latex Domination

Slave Has Holes Drilled In Fingernails

Duration: 17m, 12s, Starring

(3 Votes)

Fans of immobilization porn will be ready to spurt as they watch this latex slave being terrorized by these two evil dominatrices. The slave is completely submissive, standing demurely with her eyes downcast as the pair of brunette dominatrices run their hands all over her body. She has her hands tied above her head, but the best part of this video is when she has holes drilled in her long fingernails with a power tool! The two brunettes thread a string through the newly formed holes, tying the submissive tart in to a variety of uncomfortable and humiliating positions. If she dares to move, she will tear her own fingernails off!

Hot And Oily Dominatrix Scenes

Duration: 20m, 24s, Starring

(Not Rated)

This has got to be some of the most humiliating latex action you'll ever see in your life! A large fat who is dressed head to toe in a skin tight white latex outfit is tied to a chair by two cruel dominatrices. They also attach a pipe to his groin; at first, its purpose is unclear. Then a partially naked woman, who is wearing a skintight red latex corset and a full mask, is tied in position between his thighs, lying flat on her back. The pipe is attached to the mask, going straight into her mouth. She waits glumly for the inevitable.

Latex Whore Tied Up And Beaten With Crop

Duration: 5m, 49s, Starring

(1 Vote)

Fans of femdom and latex fetish will love this seedy porn movie. Two evil brunette dominatrices in black PVC humiliate another girl who is clad head to toe in red latex. She has a mask over her face and a ball gag; it must be difficult to breathe underneath all that! She is completely immobilised by the other two girls, who tie a thread through her nails and then attach her hands to her thighs; she can't move a single millimeter! The only thing that she can do stick out her ass and gasp as she is spanked repeatedly on her bare bottom with a cruel riding crop. You'll love hearing her moaning and crying while she gets beaten!

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