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Busty Latina Takes Two Cocks In Pussy

Duration: 23m, 15s, Starring Mercedes Ashley, Sherilyn, Rod Fontana, Valentino

(7 Votes)

Busty Latina slut Mercedes Ashley gets drilled by hot studs Valentino and Rod Fontana in his crazy MMF clip. The guys are negotiating with two whores outside - Mercedes and fellow Latina banger Sherilyn - and they manage to con the girls into giving them free blowjobs to see who they're going to take back to the crib. Mercedes proves to have better oral skills, so it's off to the bedroom they go. The guys really go to town on her, taking turns holding her down and fucking her - they even manage to get both their dicks into her vagina at the same time! They finish her off with an incredible double facial cumshot that leaves her dripping.

Two Guys Use Latina Slapper For Pleasure

Duration: 23m, 36s, Starring Misty Mendez, John Strong, Rod Fontana

(2 Votes)

Some of these latin bitches just love to be used and pleasured. Rod Fontana proves his dominance over tender milf slut Misty Mendez, telling her to get on her knees and suck his cock; after she's sucked him to a full erection, he bends her over and starts tapping her from the back, making her rock in rhythm to his manful strokes. Once he's done, he leads her into the next room, where his buddy John Strong is waiting. She sucks on John's proud cock too, then he bends her over the back of the couch and nails her asshole savagely, rutting her like a bitch in heat. She laps up every drop of his dirty cum when he spunks in her mouth.

Young Latina Nailed In Alley By Two Guys

Duration: 23m, 25s, Starring Marlene Paris, Rod Fontana, Tony Tedeschi

(1 Vote)

Tender latina slut Marlene Paris thinks she's a badass chica, going tagging in the alley behind the bar - but she's not so tough when she's busted in the act by hard man Tony Tedeschi, who holds her captive at gunpoint! He threatens to call the cops, but she manages to convince him that she'll do whatever it takes to stay out of jail. He strips her off and throws her down on a filthy matress, rutting her like a sow. Halfway through, his friend Rod Fontana walks along and, seeing what's going down, jumps in for his share of her sweet latina ass. The two studs fuck the bitch raw and leave her spent and cummed on in the dark alleyway.

Two Latina Sluts Gangbanged At the Beach

Duration: 22m, 42s, Starring Layne Young, Talle Dee, Adam Wood, Brett Rockman, Rod Fontana

(2 Votes)

Two hot ass latinas - one blond, one redhead - get nailed by a bunch of guys in his brutal gangbang clip. The young sluts get rounded up and fucked by these hot young studs - and the trollops love every single moment of cock thumping pleasure. They get thrown down on the blanket in the middle of the desert, with no one around to hear them scream. They resist their cruel punishment at first, but soon their whorish tendencies compel them to start sucking and fucking like the torrid strumpets they are. All the guys take turns plugging their all their holes, finally laying them down and cumming on their pretty young faces.

Young Latina Bride Fucked By Three Dudes

Duration: 31m, 36s, Starring Dia, Dino Bravo, Guy DaSilva, Rod Fontana

(6 Votes)

A proud young husband comes into the bar with his new, hot latina wife. Their happiness is soon shattered when they bar owner wants a piece of his sexy honey! The owner and the bartender hold the slut down, pulling off her wedding dress as they shove their cocks in her mouth, while the husband looks on in horror. Soon he realises that his whore wife needs as much cock as she can get, so he joins in the fun and they all take turns nailing both her holes. She rides them in all turn, working the cum up out of their balls; then they all take a turn at unloading a sackful of sticking semen all over her face and ass.

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