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Two Sexy Amateurs in FFM Threesome

Duration: 13m, 58s, Starring Krystina Leila, Natalie Jobeth, Jonathan Morgan

(1 Vote)

The ffm threesome is always the type of 3some that is in my wet dreams - and it turns out that Krystina Leila and Natalia Jobeth have always wanted to try it out as well. Sadly they didn't materialize in front of my computer to start in on me, but I'll live - I hope. Instead, they are attacking Jonathan Morgan and his dick. The best part is the tag team cock sucking - one takes on the shaft, while the other goes ahead and slurps at his balls. That has got to feel incredible - especially after they start messing with his taint too.

Hot Girl Next Door in Dirty Threesome

Duration: 12m, 47s, Starring Elisa Annika, Alex Sanders, Jonathan Morgan

(1 Vote)

Sometimes you can just never imagine what goes on behind closed doors with the girl next door. Elisa Annika looks like she would be a perfect secretary by day, but when she gets into a room with Alex Sanders and Jonathan Morgan - well that turns her into an entirely different person. She starts off by sucking on their dicks turn by turn, going from one to the other until they are completely hard. Then it's time for her to get her hairy pussy pounded, and she opens up wide to take on their hot dicks.

Dude Fucked By Two Chicks With Strapons

Duration: 10m, Starring Athol Agneta, Kailee Hala, Jonathan Morgan

(2 Votes)

This bizarre threesome scene starts off pretty average but soon takes a turn for the strange. It begins with a guy relaxing in an armchair, one girl sitting on his face while another blows his monstrous cock. Looks like an excellent scene, you say. It gets even better when the stud bends both sluts over and bangs them in their tight pussies. They've got extremely attractive vaginas, the both of them. Then things start to get weird, as the girls both put on strapons. The guy begins to suck the strapon of one girl while impaling himself on the strapon toy of the other, riding the sex toy on the couch. He seems to enjoy it.

Small Tit Harlot Fucking on Deck

Duration: 8m, 56s, Starring Manjusha Usha, Blake Palmer

(Not Rated)

There is something about going out to the backyard and getting nasty with your partner - the fact that the neighbors might be able to hear, the way that your man gets more and more excited - just look at how horny Manjusha Usha gets Blake Palmer. They are fucking like rabbits before she even finishes with her blowjob, and part of that is the fact that someone could see them at any second. The pair of them get so turned on by that - plus if you're a small tit lover, you are going to love the b cup knockers here.

Dirty Whore Takes Two in the Backdoor

Duration: 10m, 16s, Starring Dorina Kenina, Jake Steed, Ron Jeremy

(3 Votes)

Dirty Dorina Kenina lays on her back, getting her face fucked and at the other end, Ron Jeremy gives it to her tight pussy as she plays with her clit. This whore loves to get plugged from both ends and takes a finger in her puckered asshole too! But that finger is just the beginning, as Dorina bends over and opens her asshole wide for a huge, stiff cock, or maybe even two! This slutty girl takes two cocks in her ass and then she ends it all off with two huge loads in her face!

Blond Barfly Having Fun with Dick

Duration: 14m, 36s, Starring Kerstin Barabal, Brick Majors

(Not Rated)

Kerstin Barabal picked up Brick Majors at the bar, and off they went to her house. She is horny as hell, and she doesn't even bother letting hi take off his underwear before she is sucking on his massive dick. She does eventually pull down his briefs, and then attacks that dick. She grips it in one hand and slurps with her mouth, working it up and down nice and slow. She really just wants that dick all the way up her pussy, so once she has him completely hard she gets on top of him and starts thrusting and bouncing around.

Hairy Amateur in Stockings Getting Sex

Duration: 7m, 1s, Starring Chloe, Elisa Annika, Dave Hardman

(4 Votes)

Elisa Annika doesn't have time for small talk or anything of the sort - she wants to just fuck fuck fuck the night away. She doesn't even give the dude a blowjob before she gets Dave Hardman deep inside of her cooch. Nope he is just stiff as a board already, and looking at her stockings and her ass I can see why. I love the angles they are using in this one - it gives me a great look at the action, and since they are changing positions so much they do need to get all around there. This is one lively pairing.

Trashy Blond Wants Ass Fucked Hard

Duration: 13m, 57s, Starring Clara Francesca, Brian Surewood

(2 Votes)

Clara Francesca and Brian Surewood find themselves alone after a long, crazy party - and you know what happens then, right? It turns out that Clara has always wanted to try anal, although I doubt she was expecting to try out anal with a big guy like Brian. She doesn't mind though - she's always open to trying new things, and this is just one thing on a long list of fucked up perversions to get into. He has no problem getting her to cum while his dick is in her ass, and she bucks like wild during the entire thing.

Nasty Blonde Bimbo with Roastbeef Pussy Goes to Town

Duration: 13m, 31s, Starring Bathsheba Rhona, Blake Palmer

(1 Vote)

I'm not sure where they found Bathsheba Rhona at, but she's one very nasty girl that loves her share of cock. The scene starts off with Edmund Amos working her meaty pussy lips with his mouth, working this petite blonde chick into a frenzy. He leans back on the desk and lets he start sucking cock, stripping down as she bends over on high heels to take his cock all the way in her mouth. Blond dirty girl Bathsheba lays back and stretches her legs wide, her dripping wet pussy inviting him to just slam that cock into her pussy. She likes it better doggy style though, and bends over with her slick ass to get just that. When she takes the juicy facial at the end, she's moaning louder than any sex crazed chick I've ever heard.

Wild Blond Taking It Up the Ass

Duration: 7m, 4s, Starring Bronwyn Julienne, Jonathan Morgan

(Not Rated)

Brownyn Julienne has poofy blond hair, long legs, and a pussy that is just perfect. It has just a little bit of meatflap hanging out, which means you have to go in there and suck at it to get it all nice and wet. However that's not on Jonathan Morgan's agenda today. Nope, today he is going to go ahead and fuck the hell out of that tight ass of hers. It's almost made for fucking, what with the nice rounded booty and gorgeous shape of it. Plus the fact that she ends up pushing it right on his dick probably counts for something.

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