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Blonde And Brunette Chicks Ride Cock

Duration: 13m, 37s, Starring Amy Doretta, Linzi Kolleen, Tyrrell Lambert

(2 Votes)

Amy Doretta and Linzi Kolleen greet us already naked and already going to work on Tyrrell Lambert's big cock. They take turns sucking it, and licking it together, loving the way it tastes. One girl puts her pussy on Tyrrell's face and he licks her pussy juices, while the two chicks keep fucking his dick with their mouths. The dirty blonde gets her pussy fucked as she sucks on the brunettes tit, leaving the hot brunette to rub her pussy. The sluts switch places and he fucks the brunette in each of her tight holes, until he shoots his jizz all over her stomach.

Older Dude Ass Reams Two Street Whores

Duration: 12m, 25s, Starring Audrey Cecilia, Dana Sheelagh, Billie Roch

(2 Votes)

This lucky mature man has managed to pick himself up two gorgeous blond street whores. These girls are a cut above your average street worker, both being very presentable and charming. He gets the girls naked in his apartment, even giving one of them a bit of a cunt licking while the other sucks his cock. These lucky girls - it's not often that a street worker gets her cunt licked by a john! Then he bangs them both, first in their pussies and then in their assholes. The girls even help out, stretching out each others' assholes and pushing each other down on the shaft. It's a big cock and it takes a while to get it in!

Sexy Outdoor Threesome Plays With Toys

Duration: 11m, 40s, Starring Chandler Steele, Dee Baker, Felecia

(1 Vote)

These nasty ass chicks love to eat pussy. Dee, Chandler Steele and Felecia are all frisky lesbians who all know what it takes to make a girl want to cum. These three chick all have hot bodies, equipped with perky tits and nice round asses. One girl gets eaten out by her girlfriend while she licks the other girls pussy. This sexy threesome only gets hotter when they bring out the bright pink dildo and the two girls work as a team to make their brunette friend cum. They fill her tight asshole and rub her wet pussy making her scream with pleasure, leaving her cum all over the blonde's fingers.

Ballsacks Rub Together During Hot DP Sex

Duration: 9m, 56s, Starring Michelle Peg, Ian Daniels, Rod Fontana, Scottie Lynton

(Not Rated)

Dirty bitch Michelle gets a rough and hardcore double penetration fucking in this excellent scene. It's filmed in quite a gritty, amateur style, rough and unpolished unlike the artificial style of many commercial porn films. It's straight into the action as you see Michelle having her hair pulled while she is willingly encouraged to suck one guy's cock. The other man slides in behind her, savagely rutting her from behind while thrusting her face down on his buddy's cock. The guys give her a good double penetration, getting their money's worth out of her skanky ass. Their ballsacks rub together erotically while they double fuck her.

Cute Blonde Needs Cock In All Her Holes

Duration: 7m, 21s, Starring Julie Meadows, Chris Cannon

(2 Votes)

Julie Meadows loves nothing more than to have a big cock fill up her holes, no matter what hole that might be! So she makes sure to suck this guy's cock up and down and cover it with drool so he's nice and hard for her. As soon as she feels like he's stiff enough, she gets on top of it and has him fuck the hell out of her tight pussy. She lets him know just how good it feels to be impaled by his dick, but when she spreads her stocking covered legs and lets him inside her asshole, she makes even louder noises because she loves a good ass fucking! She squeezes his dick tight as he fucks her, making him cum all over her ass.

Sultry Brunette Vixen Takes a Stiff Cock Up The Ass

Duration: 15m, 3s, Starring Nelly Hortense, Steve Hatcher

(2 Votes)

Nelly Hortense reminds me of a sweet and demure girl next door. And if there's one thing I've learned in life, it's that the quiet ones are often the most wild. Nelly proves me right by dropping to her knees and giving Steve Hatcher a long blowjob full of licks and caresses of her tongue and lips. What she really wanted was a hard dick reaming her ass wide, stretching her beyond what she had ever imagined before. Nelly Hortense gets her wish, Steve spooning her from behind and sliding his cock into that tight rosebud of hers, making her gasp and moan at how sexy and dirty it made her feel.

Gorgeous Brunette Takes Two Dicks

Duration: 12m, 26s, Starring Sondra Ouida, Evan Denzil, Prochorus Brogan

(2 Votes)

This scene starts with these two horny fuckers getting right into it. He fucks her deep missionary style, before he sits on the couch and lets her sit on his dick. Her pussy is soaking wet, and his cock slides in and out with ease. He flips her around so he can see her tits and grabs her ass and thrusts deeper into her cunt. He lays her down and spoons her where he starts to fuck her in the ass as she rubs inside her pink. Evan Denzil walks in and starts to fuck Sondra Ouida's ass as Prochorus Brogan rips into her wet pussy.

A little assfucking never hurt anyone.

Duration: 10m, 50s, Starring Brittania Keighley, Deven Ulric

(2 Votes)

Brittania Keighley loves getting her ass fucked so she took Deven home and wanted his cock in her ass. She started by giving some head then rolled him onto his back so she could get on top and ride him. She took him in the pussy first just to loosen things up then she got on all fours and had him plow her ass like a farmer turning the winter crops. He fucked that ass deep and hard until she had the assgasm she was craving then he unload a batch of baby batter all over her face and had her fuck him until he was soft again.

Skinny Beauty Takes Cock In The Ass

Duration: 9m, Starring Cori Caitlyn, Evan Denzil

(3 Votes)

Watching Cori Caitlyn ride this dick looks amazing, as she spreads her fishnet stocking covered legs and pounds herself with his cock, making her tiny titties bounce up and down. He bends her over next so we can get a nice view of her ass and her sweet snatch from behind, as he rams her harder the more she moans for him. It's all a lead in to what happens next though, as she spreads her ass cheek apart and lets him all the way inside her tight ass, rubbing her clit to loosen her up some more. All of a sudden, she's got another cock to please, as he slides in and out of her while she sucks off the other, and then she tastes two loads of cum!

Daniella Uses Her Ass To Get Him Off

Duration: 8m, 16s, Starring Daniella Jaye, Steve Hatcher

(4 Votes)

When Daniella Jaye says she needs a stiff fucking, apparently she tells the truth, because she gets right into it! Her pussy is dripping wet, as her snatch gets fucked hard by this guy, making her round breasts bounce with every thrust inside of her. She gets on top of him and gets her pussy pounded with every inch, as she floods his dick with her juices. It needs all the lube it can get, too, because she's horny for it up her ass, and so he slides it up there and starts pounding her butthole. Listen to her moan as he makes her tight ass gape open from his cock, fucking that tight butt hard from behind, and pulling out to cum all over it.

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