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No Man's Land 4

Lovely Lesbians Licking Pussy

Duration: 13m, 21s, Starring Melissa Melendez, Mia Powers

(3 Votes)

Melissa Melendez and Mia Powers are certainly suited towards giving one of the best lesbian sex performances in the world. Unlike many lesbian porn scenes, this one isn't so filled with sex toys that it might as well have been shot in the sex toy store. No, these two only use a few toys, but most of the action is centered around the fact that they are so damn good with their tongues that no one is able to resist. I love watching the pair of them in action, especially at the end when they're trying not to constantly orgasm.

Bisexual Pornstars Have Strap on Sex

Duration: 16m, 20s, Starring Jeanna Fine, Natasha Skyler

(1 Vote)

If you've never had the pleasure of watching pornstars let loose with their sapphic desires, then this scene with Jeanna Fine and Natasha Skyler should open your eyes to the pleasure of strap on sex. They could not be more different - different personalities, different hair styles, different body styles - but once you see the pair of them wrapped up in each other, one pounding away with the strap on while the other stands there and moans - well then you just haven't lived until you've seen that shit.

Two Babes That Like Pussy More Than News

Duration: 13m, 24s, Starring Judy Blue, Patricia Kennedy

(1 Vote)

Judy Blue and Patricia Kennedy were reading the paper when Judy jumped back onto the couch, spread her legs and let Patricia pull her shorts and panties off. She got Judy naked fast and licked her nipples then moved her tongue south and licked that clit. When she slid two fingers inside her Judy shot over the edge and came hard. After her orgasm she threw Patricia down on the couch to return the favor. She licked that carpet like she was trying to get a stain out of it, making her writhe with pleasure and cum over and over again and again.

Two Hotties Lick That Beaver Good

Duration: 21m, 59s, Starring Jeanna Fine, Madison Stone

(2 Votes)

Jeanna Fine loves guys, but she loves to eat pussy just as much. She took innocent Madison Stone back to her place, laid her down and started kissing her. They peeled each other's clothes off, feeling those tits and licking nipples. Jeanna laid her back, spread her pink pussy open and assaulted her clit with her tongue. She licked Madison so good she came her brains out and begged for more. Madison had never really eaten pussy so Jeanna showed her what to do and this girl was a natural. She licked it and slid a finger in and had Jeanna's toes curling in no time at all.

A Lesbian Orgy Breaks Out In Jail

Duration: 13m, 7s, Starring Judy Blue, Melissa Melendez, Mia Powers, Natasha Skyler, Patricia Kennedy

(Not Rated)

Melissa Melendez, Mia Powers and Natasha Skyler were thrown into a cell with Judy Blue and Patricia Kennedy. It was warm in the jail holding room so the girls all stripped down to their bras and panties. They paired up on the beds and started licking and feeling each other's bodies. After stripping off the rest of their clothes the pussy licking really got going. One of them stood watching and decided to get into the action. She reached out and got a strapon from the desk near by, put it on and started fucking the girls.

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