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Part Time 6

Brunette with Bondage Fetish Pleased

Duration: 27m, 2s, Starring Anastasia Pierce, Mistress Nicolette

(4 Votes)

Dangling from the ceiling with her hands bound and her mouth gagged, sexy brunette Anastasia Pierce is being punished. Mistress Nicolette comes it to check on her and wrap her up in a corset before letting her down. She collapses to the floor but is quickly stood back up to be given nourishment. It is time for her to get some rest, she crawls up on the table, under the warm latex blanket with only a mini hole for breathing. she is left to suffer in silence.

Hot Blond Mistress Toys With Chick

Duration: 7m, 24s, Starring Anastasia Pierce, Mistress Nicolette

(1 Vote)

Mistress Nicolette shows Anastasia Peirce who is the boss. Clad in only her panties Anastasia gets dressed for her Mistress. All black rubber pantyhose, then knee high boots follow. This chick is sensual, dawning a hooded dress that covers her eyes. Her Mistress fondles her and then instructs her to remain still. Chained to a leather saw horse she is made to suck on a leather dildo. Breathing through a mask and hose she is finally released. With the help of her Mistress she is undressed. In the final scene she is in a wooden box wearing a rubber body suit and breathing mask. Her Mistress closes the lid and phones for pick up.

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