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Prime Cuts Latina

Two Cute Latinas in Hot Threesome

Duration: 41m, 25s, Starring Allie Ray, Ethan Cage

(4 Votes)

Allie Ray and her friend are both lusty Latinas, although the blond doesn't show it nearly as much as the dark haired chick. They both have that same attitude, and they also have the same lust for cock that I've come to expect from a Latina. Ethan Cage is the object of their desire, and they just work their mouths up and down his dick together, sharing it between the two of them almost as much as they share each other. They really love the whole bisexual thing, so most of it is girl on girl action with a bit of dick in between.

Cute Blond Latina Opening Up Her Pussy

Duration: 37m, 44s, Starring Sonia Lopez, Ethan Cage

(Not Rated)

Sonia Lopez has all of the things you've come to expect from a Latina. She has that great accent, great hips, an awesome body, and an ass that just doesn't give up. It's more than Ethan Cage can stand, so he has to get a taste of that pussy before anything else. After he buries himself in her muff, she takes a few rounds at his dick, playing the skin flute until he is seconds away from coming. He holds on with this gorgeous Latina amateur somehow, taking her to a climax and letting cum fly everywhere.

Hot Latina Watched by Older Guy

Duration: 25m, 55s, Starring Carmen Pena, Mickey Ray

(3 Votes)

This is one of the oddest Latina pornos that I've ever watched. You have your typical piece of hot Latina ass played by Carmen Pena, and you have your requisite big dick pornstar guy that is just dying to get his cock into some tight amateur pussy, but then there's the old dude. This guy just sits back and watches the action, in the kind of odd voyeurism that you come across every so often. He could reach out and touch them if he really wanted to, but instead he just sat back and enjoyed the show.

Gorgeous Amateur Latina Giving Road Head

Duration: 38m, 16s, Starring Karina Kay, Jack Venice

(5 Votes)

Ah road head - it's one of those things that we all dream about, but so few of us actually have the balls to make it happen. It turns out we should have just packed Latinas in the car, because they are all about sucking on th road. Karina Kay gets picked up by Jack Venice, and it doesn't take long before she is on the floor sucking away at his dick. She doesn't mind the fact that someone could look right in there and see her dirty deed, she just wanted to taste that stiff dick sliding all the way down her throat.

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