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Rubber Doll Factory 1

Lady Amanda Has Three Submissive Slaves

Duration: 12m, 37s, Starring Lady Amanda Wyldefyre

(1 Vote)

There's not much action in this femdom video, but that's the point - because perfect body dominatrix Lady Amanda has got complete control over her immobile sex slaves! One of them is locked inside a pressure chamber, with the pressure turned up high; you can clearly hear his muffled moans from behind the metal casing. Another slave in black latex sits in a small, gilded cage that doesn't even allow her to turn around. Lady Amanda's last victim is fastened down completely immobile to a bench, not even able to move a millimeter underneath the skin tight rubber. All of the slaves are completely helpless and dehumanised - great stuff!

Latex Gimp Is Going To Get Sore Balls

Duration: 5m, 41s, Starring Lady Amanda Wyldefyre

(2 Votes)

In this bizarre fetish movie, latex dominatrix Lady Amanda receives a delivery from a PVC clad delivery man. She signs for the box, and once the delivery man has left she opens it; inside there is a hugely fat man clad in a red latex outfit! There is a mask over his face, hiding his identity. Only his sagging man breasts and his cock and balls are exposed. Lady Amanda keeps him tied up as she sits him down, hefting his cock and balls thoughtfully. The man is in for a painful experience as Lady Amanda pulls out the vicious tools of her trade and starts to inflict some serious pain to his poor package! Some of this stuff has got to hurt!

Fat Man In Latex Sits On The Sybian

Duration: 18m, 35s, Starring Lady Amanda Wyldefyre

(Not Rated)

This fat guy is about to have one of the most humiliating experiences of his life! Cruel dominatrix Lady Amanda clads him from head to toe in a bright red PVC outfit that highlights his blubbery curves. There is a black gimp mask over his face so he can barely breathe, let alone see. His hands are tied above his head, and then the fat man is lowered down on top of a sybian, the dildo going right up his ass! The PVC outfit is open at the chest, allowing his drooping man boobs to swing free; Lady Amanda ties vicious clamps to his nipples. She fastens another metal clamp around his balls, tightening it until the man is grunting in pain.

Rubber Slave Is Completely Immobilised

Duration: 18m, 1s, Starring Lady Amanda Wyldefyre

(1 Vote)

If it's your fantasy to be completely immobilised by a couple of sexy nurses in latex, this clip will definitely get you off! An overweight, aging stud is completely helpless as he is ordered to strain into a skintight black latex outfit and mask as he is tied down to a bench. His two dominant captors are both dressed in skintight white latex outfits that do nothing to hide their incredible curves! The stud is completely dehumanised, with painful clamps attached to his nipples and a vacuum pump wrapped around his pathetic little cock. At the end of the video he is clamped claustrophobicly between two rubber mattresses.

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