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Rubber Ponies 2

Mistress Lady Amanda Breaks Her Pony In

Duration: 29m, 11s, Starring Lady Amanda Wyldefyre

(12 Votes)

Out in the country-side, dominatrix Lady Amanda Wyldefyre sits in a carriage drawn by her rubber-clad slave. She commands the slave to get underway, and she prods the slave along with a whip of her riding crop. The 2 reach their destination and adjourn inside, where Lady Amanda fills up her naughty slave's rubber suit with air to punish him. She places his feet in stirrups and takes hold of his ball, yanking and tugging on them to teach her pony a lesson. Lady Amanda doesn't suffer fools gladly.

Human Ponies Up For Auction Perform

Duration: 21m, 57s, Starring Lady Amanda Wyldefyre, Mistress Jean, Pony Bitch, Pony Slave

(3 Votes)

Dominatrix Mistress jean rides into the auction on a saddled male slave. The gathered leather-clad doms and subs salute her, and she offers to put her slave up for auction. They test-drive the human pony, climbing astride him as he takes them for rides around the room as the whip him with their riding crops. The other rubber wearing slaves are also exhibited, made to show off their wares for the approval of the bidding mistresses. They pull carriages in tandem or alone, and preform well for their Mistresses' approval.

Dominatrix Punishes Her Male Slave

Duration: 44m, 37s, Starring Mistress Jean

(2 Votes)

Stern Mistress Jean has her pitiful male slave lay face down so she can shave his hairy ass. She uses electric trimmers to shear the hair on his butt and balls, and she then uses a razor to finish the job, making his skin nice and smooth. After she's done ridding him of the unsightly hair, she uses a riding crop to whip his behind, making it nice and pink. She punishes him for being the maggot that he is, and she uses tape to spread his ass cheeks wide open so she can torture him with fucking machine. This dominatrix is a stern mistress, indeed.

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