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Rubberella Latex Bound

Dominatrices Check On Basement Slaves

Duration: 10m, 35s, Starring Mistress Latex

(5 Votes)

In this fantastic femdom video, two elegant dominatrices check on their slaves in the basement. They have got a hidden cell with bars over the door; inside are two gorgeous latex babes, clad in sexy and slutty rubber outfits and tied to the wall. One of the girls, an extremely pretty redhead in black rubber, doesn't have it too bad. However, the other short haired brunette, who is wearing a divine pair of rubber stockings and suspenders, has got a tight rubber gag tied over her mouth and nose so that she can only breathe through an extremely thin air tube. You will love listening to her whimper as she struggles against her bonds!

Two Stunning Latex Slaves Get Punished

Duration: 17m, Starring Mistress Latex

(7 Votes)

Two different gorgeous female latex slaves get disciplined in this femdom video. A stunning brunette clad in a tight red latex corset lies down on an examination table, her legs spread in stirrups. Her pussy is tantalizingly covered by the rubber outfit. Her two gorgeous dominatrices attach a matching red gimp mask to her face, fastening it tightly with buckles. The cutie, whose hands are tied at her sides, also has vacuum pumps attached to her full natural tits, and you can see her breast tissue stretching as the dominatrices apply the pressure. Also, a stunning redhead is tied down firmly by a sheer, air tight red rubber sheet.

Tasty Brunette In A Latex Straitjacket

Duration: 8m, 39s, Starring Mistress Latex

(3 Votes)

Sometimes you don't need penetration in a porn movie for it to be exceedingly hot. In this clip, a stunning dominatrix in sheer red latex ties her brunette girlfriend into a rubber straitjacket. The poor brunette gets fastened to a chair, completely immobile; both the fasteners around her body, attaching her to the chair, and the very grip of her outfit completely stop her from moving. In fact, her bonds are so tight that she can barely breathe without gasping! The brunette also has her turn to have some fun as she ties up another girl from head to toe in black latex, including a completely sealed mask with only a tube to breathe through.

Latex Slave in Crazy Vacuum Seal Box

Duration: 15m, 25s, Starring Mistress Latex

(2 Votes)

If there's one thing that is always going to make you sit up and take notice, it's got to be latex fetish. First off, the clothing is amazing, as Mistress Latex displays. Then if you get into vacuum and other crazy fetish acts, you end up getting a sexual experience that you won't be able to forget. Mistress Latex and one of her helpers has a slave in a vacuum box, completely covered with latex. It's simply amazing, especially when you imagine just how constricted that latex box suit has to feel once the air is pumped out.

Latex Slaves Get Completely Confined

Duration: 14m, 23s, Starring

(1 Vote)

Claustrophobic people won't appreciate this latex video, but true rubber fetishists certainly will! At the beginning of the clip a dominatrix clad in tight black latex checks on one of her slaves, a fat man dressed in an inflatable rubber suit. Within the confines of the suit he is completely unable to move, and in fact he wouldn't be able to breathe if it wasn't for the air tube connected to his mouth. Then we see another dominatrix, this time in tight blue latex, fastening one of her submissive victims into a suitcase. The black latex clad victim lies submissively in the case while the dominatrix firmly zips the lid shut. Scary stuff!

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