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Laura's Tight Asshole Used By Six Men

Duration: 24m, 22s, Starring Laura, Gabor, Kevin King, Timoti Hayd

(9 Votes)

Voluptuous blond babe Laura didn't join the Army so that she could fight the enemy - she did it so that she could be around a bunch of horny and well hung guys all day! A bunch of soldiers are standing around outside the warehouse when she struts past, her big tits virtually falling out of her overalls. The guys surround her, squeezing her tits and ass and treating her like a piece of meat as they get out their erect cocks. Soon young Laura is down on her hands and knees, grunting and burying her face in the dirt as the men take turns screwing her in her tight ass. She loves being used by a bunch of dominant and muscular guys like this!

Sexy April Anally Gangbanged In Workshop

Duration: 21m, 55s, Starring April, Gabor, Jozsef Kovacs, Tamas Tari

(7 Votes)

This is why you shouldn't have a hot young babe working in a workshop with a bunch of horny guys - it's just too distracting for the workers! Sexy brunette April knows that she is the center of attention in this workshop, and finally one day things reach boiling point. The men down their tools, surrounding young April and pushing her roughly to her knees, rubbing their hard cocks in her face. She takes two dicks in her mouth at the same time and two in each hand - this babe loves getting fucked by several guys at the same time! Soon she is grunting and groaning as she gets made the meat in the middle of this multiple cock sandwich.

Young Redhead In Six Man Anal Gangbang

Duration: 23m, 39s, Starring Marci, Kevin King, Lauro De Giotto, Tamas Tari

(7 Votes)

Out in the countryside, no one can hear you scream! Six dudes take a stunning young redhead out for a picnic, but little does she know that she's going to end up getting fucked in the ass by every man there! She certainly doesn't hesitate to get down on her knees and start sucking as they surround her, rubbing their erect cocks all over her body. The guys stand around masturbating while they hammer her one after the other; although they would probably like to get inside her with a double penetration, she is just too young and tight! She screws up her face and squeals as they plug her ass, each man dumping a load on her sphincter.

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