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Spank Me Please 2

Coral Begs To Be Spanked by Her Mistress

Duration: 18m, 51s, Starring Coral Sands, Taylor St. Claire

(5 Votes)

Mistress Taylor St. Claire has to teach her sub a lesson in begging. Coral begs to be spanked but Taylor doesn't want to give her what she wants, knowing it would make her happy. She brings her to the ground, kiss and worshiping at her feet. Taylor teases her with some gentle spankings, and rubbing her ass to sooth the sting. Taylor strips Coral from the waist down and smacks her pussy with a paddle making Coral cry out in joy and beg for more. The harder she hits her the more turned on Coral gets until she can take it no more.

Two Sexy Bitches Get Spanked Hard

Duration: 20m, 12s, Starring Joelean, Marlena Mason, Jarred Lenno

(2 Votes)

Two very sexy girls are making out on the couch thinking about the possibility of being spanked by a big strong man. Jarred Lenno catches them in the act and yells at his girlfriend for bringing a new girl into their house. He collars Joelean first then gives Marlena the same treatment. He bends them over the back of the couch and punishes their asses, spanking them till they are red and raw. He alternates the pain with pleasure, soothing their bottoms with strokes and kisses before pushing them over the edge of pain.

Ashton Moore Begs To Be Spanked

Duration: 16m, 32s, Starring Joelean, Taylor St. Claire

(4 Votes)

Buck naked Ashton Moore barges into the bathroom where Taylor St. Claire is getting ready. She punishes her for her rudeness and discovers that her husband has been fucking around with the blond tart. She doesn't want a dumb blond fucking around with her husband and needs to teach her a lesson. Ashton begs her to spank her and while Taylor is thinking about it she makes her kiss her feet. Bending her over her knee she assaults her ass with her bare hand then pulls out the whip to really tan her hide.

Kinky Blond Likes A Rough Spanking

Duration: 22m, 8s, Starring Ashton Moore, Jarred Lenno

(2 Votes)

With a table full of toys, including various sized paddles and straps Ashton Moore gets excited just running her fingers along them. She removes her panties and massages her clit teasing Jarred Lenno as he sits there watching. He wants to show her how those are supposed to be used and she asks him nicely to spank her please. He starts at her inner thighs then gives her a couple flicks to the pink pussy lips. She begs him to spank her harder and of course he obliges, paddling her all over the exposed skin.

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