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Teens For Cash 11

Kelly Rents Her Mouth And Pussy

Duration: 29m, 43s, Starring Kelly, Jay Huntington, Rod Fontana

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Kelly is the kind of girl who will do just about any job for the right price so when Rod Fontana and Chance Caldwell offered her some cash to see her tits she peeled her shirt off. It didn't take much more cash to get her naked and only a few more dollars to get some dick in her mouth. She really showed off her oral skills when she negotiated the price to ride Chance's dick. She rode him and sucked Rod then let Rod bend her over and hit it from behind. When a few more dollars came out they both pulled out and glued her eyes shut with hot, sticky jizz.

Two Guys Buy Some Hot Teen Pussy

Duration: 28m, 47s, Starring Tiffani Rox, Dick Nasty, Rod Fontana

(6 Votes)

Rod Fontana and Dick Nasty met Tiffani Rox in an office and decided to see exactly what her price was. She was a good negotiator, but they met her price and she got naked for them. Once she was nude they handed her some cash, pulled out their dicks and she didn't hesitate to suck them both. They bent her over and Rod pounded her from behind while she sucked Dick then she got on top of Dick and rode that cock with a smile. They continued to fuck her then showered her with some extra cash followed by a shower of hot cum all over her face. After all that she wasn't that expensive.

Busty Bella Gets Fucked For Cash

Duration: 28m, 31s, Starring Bella, Dick Nasty, Rod Fontana

(4 Votes)

Bella has an amazing rack and she seemed all sweet and innocent so Dick Nasty and Rod Fontana wondered what it would take to fuck her. After some talking they were able to get a price to get her naked. When they peeled a few more bills off the wad she went to her knees and gave them head. The real fun kicked in when they handed her some more cash and she let them both pound her wet gash. These guys slammed that pussy like they owned it then both of them pulled out and busted a hot nut all over her face. She might be a regular girl, but she has a price and they found it.

Barbi Gets Fucked For Spending Money

Duration: 29m, 8s, Starring Barbie Cummings, Dick Nasty, Rod Fontana

(5 Votes)

Dick Nasty and Rod Fontana were out on the town when they saw Barbi Cummings. She has an amazing rack so they invited her back to Rod's place. The game was on when they decided to see just what her price was. After some cash was out she got naked then a few more bills had her on the floor with both their dicks in her mouth. She gave both guys head then an extra couple of dollars got her flat on her back with both guys taking turns fucking her. They pounded that sweet pussy and she is such a nice girl she took their hot loads on her face and tits for free.

A Teen Earns Cash The Hard Way

Duration: 27m, 51s, Starring Phoebe, Dick Nasty, Rod Fontana

(5 Votes)

Phoebe needed some extra cash so when Dick Nasty and Rod Fontana offered her a job she jumped at it. They slipped her some cash and she took her top off, exposing her sweet, perky tits. Then the real money came out and she took Rod's thick prick in his mouth. She blew them both then got on top of Dick and rode his meat hog. Rod wanted some pussy so she laid down and let him plow her while Dick put it back in her mouth. She earned every cent of that money when they put her on her knees and busted a nut all over her pretty face.

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