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Teens Goin' Wild 11

Stunning Latina Blond Demands Hard Anal

Duration: 32m, 34s, Starring Ace

(4 Votes)

This pretty Latina is the perfect woman! Not only is she gorgeous and possessed of a fantastic body, but she is a filthy slut who won't take no for an answer when she needs penis. She grabs her man's attention by gyrating in front of him and then straddling him, rubbing her tits and pussy in his face. As if that wasn't enough to convince the man to give her what she needs, she goes down on him and gives him a superb deepthroat blow job; you can see the thick stream of saliva running down the shaft and balls and onto the leather of the couch. It gets even better - she also loves anal, sticking her ass up in the air and asking for it!

Yummy Marlena Spies On Her Sexy Neighbor

Duration: 24m, 22s, Starring Marlena Mason, Evan Denzil

(4 Votes)

Evan is lying on the grass in his backyard enjoying the sunshine when he hears a rustling in the bushes behind him. It's his gorgeous and petite neighbor Marlena, dressed in a tiny bikini that shows off her little natural tits and perfect bottom. She's spying on him! She needn't hide in the bushes - Evan is quite willing to share his hard cock with her! He gets a hot blow job from the petite cutie right there in the sun; while she sucks she removes her bra and panties, revealing some extremely sexy tan lines. Then she gets screwed with Evan on top. He drills hard inside her, making her moan loudly with each powerful thrust.

Nasty Priscilla Craves Hard Anal Sex

Duration: 29m, 19s, Starring Priscilla

(1 Vote)

Dark skinned Latina goddess Priscilla walks out onto the balcony to sunbathe. She gasps as she sees her man doing push-ups in his underpants; at first she admires the rippling muscles of his back, and then she hops on, giving him some extra weight to work. Soon she is so wet from the feeling of those muscles working underneath her that she leads him inside by the hand and strips him off, taking his enormous penis in her mouth until no more will fit. He does her in her pussy and her butt; she loves the anal, pushing her buttocks back against her man's crotch until he is sodomizing her right down to the balls. She gets creamed in her hair.

Ethnic 19 Year Old Sucking Black Dick

Duration: 31m, 54s, Starring Adara, Sandro De Rosa

(91 Votes)

Adara is an exotic and beautiful 19 year old that has every bit of seduction you could possibly want or imagine. She's in the mood to wrap her mouth all the way around this cock, choking it down inch by inch until she's completely engulfed that dong. She works herself up and down that big black dick that Sandro De Rosa is packing, and she doesn't even ask to go into the house for a bit of privacy. Oh hell no, she's all about taking on that dick and not giving a shit about anyone seeing this wild and crazy tryst.

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