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Wild Fuck Toys 7

Blonde Babe Stacey Gets Hot Machine Fuck

Duration: 24m, 41s, Starring Stacey Mac, Dr. Feelgood

(3 Votes)

Stacey is looking for the ultimate sexual experience and Dr Feelgood knows exactly what makes this babe click. The sexy blonde feels instantly at ease as she chats with the doctor-she can't wait to get started! She eagerly strips down, her tanned body looks sexy even when it is dressed in the shapeless hospital gown. She inserts a succession of toys given to her by the doctor, each one with its own special features. Her favorite is the clear plastic cock machine, and as she lays back on the chair with the machine thrusting into her she imagines the doctor is fucking her instead and she moans loudly as her vaginal muscles clench up tightly.

Blonde Babe Missie Plays With The Doctor

Duration: 26m, 55s, Starring Missy Monroe, Dr. Feelgood

(3 Votes)

Missy Marie is a hot young blonde who is looking for a good time and Dr Feelgood is just the man to give her the kind of pleasure she needs. He giver her a huge cock shaped dildo to play with, the girth much bigger than she is used to and it is almost the same height as the black leather fuck me boots she has on. She sucks her pussy juice off it then trades it in for the doctors fuck machine which he inserts into her moist vag. She then straddles a second machine and grinds her pussy on it while it vibrates inside her. She spreads apart the flesh of her labia at the same time and grinds her tender pink clit against a pad of plastic needles.

Sexy Babe Diana Gets Pleasure Treatment

Duration: 23m, 41s, Starring Diana Rose, Dr. Feelgood

(3 Votes)

Dr Feelgood can't wait for his sexy patient Diana Rose to get undresses and spread her legs for him and his nasty toys. She sits shyly on his chair with the medical gown on, trying to imagine what he has in store for her. The feel of his cold metal stethoscope on her bare flesh gets her nipples hard and her pussy wet so she is ready to play with the good doctor. She rubs the special glove over her clit which feels so good she squirms all over the chair. Then he inserts a dick machine in her hole while she holds a vibrator between her legs. He holds a suction tube over her clit and she giggles as he pulls it off, her clit becoming engorged.

Sexy Sierra Gets Fucked By Cock Machine

Duration: 24m, 59s, Starring Sierra, Dr. Feelgood

(4 Votes)

Sierra is a petite babe who likes to experiment with her pleasure seeking activities. She pays a visit to Dr Feelgood, where all her wildest fantasies will come true as he tests his strange contraptions on her body. She undresses, but leaves her sexy black stockings on. As she sticks a glass dildo into her vag she lifts those sexy legs high in the air. Dr Feelgood then lays her down on the white shag pile carpet where she is introduced to her new friend, the fuck machine. As the plastic cock thrusts into her she rubs her clit until her pussy is soppy and wet. When the doctor gives her a vibrating tool she practically explodes with excitement.

Sexy Mikayla Gets Full Body Health Check

Duration: 25m, 34s, Starring Mikayla Mendez, Dr. Feelgood

(5 Votes)

Mikayla is a busty babe and she is about to put her pleasure in the expert hands of Dr Feelgood. Her shirt is buttoned low and those bouncy tits are almost bursting to get out. Dr Feelgood does not miss this detail as his eyes scan over her amazing body. When she is naked the doctor holds his cold metal stethoscope against her nipples and her vag. He then leaves her to play with a plastic vibrating rod which she holds against her clit. He then leads her to a special chair where a cock machine penetrates her cunt. She gets the most enjoyment from a second machine which fucks her as she crouches on all fours pushing back against the false dick.

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