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Big Tit Blond Fetish Star Getting Nasty

Duration: 25m, 16s, Starring Trina Michaels, Alec Knight, Johnny Thrust

(3 Votes)

When Trina Michaels walks out onto the set, there is a moment where my breath caught in my throat and I knew that I had to have her. Since I know that is never going to happen, I just have to make myself happy by watching her get fucked by Johnny Thrust and Alec Knight. I knew a chick like her wouldn't be one that would go ahead and only wear latex and not do anything else kinky, so once I saw her get fucked right in the ass I knew I made the right choice in watching her work her magic for the camera.

Latex Fetish Pornstar Getting Ass Fuck

Duration: 19m, 37s, Starring Missy, Brad Baldwin

(1 Vote)

Missy might sound like she has a sweet name, but it takes one look for you to realize that she is serious about freaky fucking. Her outfit is shiny and rubber, the perfect latex outfit for a perfect kinky day. Brad Baldwin doesn't know how to take her at first, but once she shoves her big ass in his face he figures it out fast enough. She keeps on most of the outfit during the scene. so those of you loving that slippery shiny outfit will get to see plenty of it while her ass gets completely plowed.

Two Fetish Pornstars Get Ass Fucked

Duration: 24m, 48s, Starring Kayla Quinn, Shay La Mar, Buster Good

(4 Votes)

Shay Lamar and Kayla Cam share each other's tastes - and those tastes just happen to contain a hell of a lot of rubber. It's almost too much for Buster Good to handle, but he does end up figuring out what makes both of these fetish pornstars tick. Yup, that's right - it's going right for their asses and then fucking the hell out of them. He just keeps going and going on those booties, stretching out their assholes so wide that you could probably drive a mac truck through them - don't worry they go back to normal after awhile.

Rubber Fetish Freak Gets Ass Fucked

Duration: 14m, 16s, Starring Chanel Chavez, Scott Lyons

(2 Votes)

Chanel Chavez is the type of chick that would kick your ass, pull out a strap on, and then fuck the hell out of you - but right now she is tamed by Scott Lyons. She crawls on the table towards him, her body covered in leather, pvc, and latex,and her pussy already ready to be licked and fucked. However she is not after getting that twat of hers taken care of. Fuck no, do you think anyone as freaky as her would want normal sex? She just wants to get her ass fucked until it is raw and dripping with cum.

Fishnet Dominatrix Getting Ass Fucked

Duration: 12m, 48s, Starring Katin, Jay Ashley

(3 Votes)

Katin is not your typical porn chick - she just loves to slip into pvc and rubber outfits, and if you give her a crop you only have a few seconds to run away before she will start pounding the fuck out of you with it. She stretches out her legs nice and long, the fishnet working its way all the way up her long legs. She has on a heavy collar but it doesn't get used - however Jay Ashley and his friend make sure to use all of her holes the way they should be used, stretching her ass out so wide that when they cum in it it just drips right out.

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