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Betty Page The Naked Truth

Fun Loving Betty Page Dancing

Duration: 7m, 41s, Starring Betty Page

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Betty Page is a delicious vintage pinup babe that captured the hearts and minds of many men and women. If you've never seen her before it's only going to take a few minutes of watching her on camera to discover that she is truly irresistible. There is so much teasing in this video that you aren't going to be able to resist watching her sexy body, especially when you see how much fun she's having with it. Before long she is dancing across the room, showing off her tight and sexy body that is so goddamn hot.

Betty Page in Vintage Porn Bondage

Duration: 18m, 43s, Starring Betty Page, Drusilla Summers, Jenny Reaper

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Betty Page was not a shy pinup and she also didn't shy away from things that smacked completely of fetish, such as getting tied up by Jenny Reaper and disciplined by Drusilla Summers. Betty Page seemed to love getting disciplined by women, although she did give as good as she got in the domination section. It is so very erotic to watch her stretched out, hands far above her head as she teeters around on high heels. She's utterly helpless and it looks like there is no one else in the world that Betty Page wants to be.

Betty Page Displays Her Erotic Dancing

Duration: 10m, 5s, Starring Betty Page, Lucy Kraven

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Betty Page not only looked like a bombshell, she had the attitude for the part too. One thing that you'll find her doing in the videos featuring this gorgeous vintage pinup was dancing. She loved to dance, slowly, sensually, erotically, but you'll also find that she has a bit of a fun side as well. She really loves to embrace the music and let it work for her seductive efforts. One scene has her helping Lucy Kraven get dressed in an elegant evening gown. Betty Page is tucked in a maid uniform and is absolutely stunning.

Betty Page Loved Her Lingerie

Duration: 7m, 48s, Starring Betty Page, Zara Bumsmooch

(Not Rated)

Betty Page is a household pinup name, and once you start looking at her marvelous body and vast collection of lingerie you'll know why. With Betty it was always more than just the look through - she had the attitude of the type of girl that took no shit, was completely secure, and knew how to entice millions. She showed off her body with nearly every type of lingerie available at the time, especially vintage stockings. High heels always accompanied these to complete her look. She did pose naked but she spent most of the time with her teasing.

Betty Page is a Harsh Vintage Mistress

Duration: 10m, 43s, Starring Betty Page, Linda Charming, Pat Roberton

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Betty Page often found herself showing off her far from vanilla side, often in scenes of female domination. Today she's leaving Linda Charming high and dry. She ties up Linda and stalks around her, wearing nothing more than some vintage lingerie that delightfully frames her lovely body. She spends most of the last half of the scene teasing, undulating her body so that your dick instantly hardens, making sure that all of the attention is either focused on her dance or masturbating to it already.

Betty Page Famous Vintage Pinup

Duration: 3m, 32s, Starring Betty Page

(Not Rated)

If you've paid attention to anything vaguely sexual from the past, then you know the name of Betty Page. This vintage porn beauty held the attention of millions, from the first time that she did her sexy pinup routine to today. She's pretty much the most famous name of the vintage porn and pinup era, and while she did do a lot of vanilla posing she also had an edge to her that had her exploring far more risque scenarios. She enjoyed life to the fullest, and that meant embracing her sexuality and letting the world see how she accepted it.

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