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Sexy Asian Kitten Loves To Lick a Bone

Duration: 9m, 21s, Starring Katsumi, Ben English

(21 Votes)

A man of big Ben's caliber needs a gal that can hang with what he's got. Katsumi is just the right cocksucker for the job! She wastes no time in going down deep. She knows how to treat a big dick like Ben's and she likes to prance around so that what he sees is as good as what he gets. Katsumi gets into some wild positions while her mouth pounces on his prick. She wraps her entire hand around his shaft and when she starts pumping it he can't resist. Katsumi is gifted. She can polish the tip, pump the shaft at the same time and still manage to squeal with delight at the sight of his creamy cum. This girl loves to give head and it shows.

Sexy Brunette Sucks His Big Hard Cock

Duration: 4m, 55s, Starring Melissa Lauren, TJ Cummings

(2 Votes)

Hot brunette Melissa Lauren kneels down in front of her hot stud to take his throbbing hard cock into her hands and hungry mouth. She strokes him while blowing his rigid dick, making his rod wet with her spit while she does. She sucks his sweaty hog and looks up at him with her pretty eyes, and then seductively at the camera, knowing she's a dirty little slut. She lays him down while she continues to suck him off, stuffing as much of his big dick into her mouth as she can. She 69's him, letting him lick her pussy while she strokes and blows him. Finally, she lays down while he stands over her and blows his load into her mouth as she swallows.

Hot Whore Sucks Off Random Guy

Duration: 5m, 17s, Starring Fiona Cheek, Nick Manning

(Not Rated)

Fiona Cheek is a hottie of a slut who loves to suck a massive cock. She gets right down to it and shoves his massive erection into her eagerly awaiting mouth. She uses every trick in the book to get her man excited, taking in as much of his sweet flesh as she can. She licks and teases every inch of his cock, jerking off his shaft as she goes along. She can't wait to taste his jizz all over her face, so she opens up wide and takes in all of his hot cum. You know she enjoyed every second of it.

A Sexy Black Girl Sucks A White Prick

Duration: 2m, 55s, Starring Victoria Style, Joel Lawrence

(Not Rated)

Sexy ebony babe Victoria Style could be the UN ambassador for sucking cock because she doesn't care what color the cock is, she will suck it. She laid Joel down on the bed, got out of her clothes and sucked on his cock. She wrapped her hand around his cock and sucked on him, taking as much of him down her throat a she could. She massaged his nuts, stroked his cock and licked his head then she had him stand up so she could suck it harder and really stroke his cock until he unloaded his blast of man gravy all over her pretty face. Another big step forward for race relations.

Fishnets, Panties And A Blowjob

Duration: 5m, 17s, Starring Dasha, Ben English

(3 Votes)

Dasha was in her panties, bra and fishnet stockings. She was showing off her body, took off her bra and unleashed her nice round melons. She walked over to Ben, went to her knees and took his hard cock into her mouth. She sucked on the head of his dick while she gripped the shaft and stroked it like she was churning butter. She sucked the dick like her life depended on it. She tried to take that dick down her throat but started gagging so she continued to suck until he was moaning then shooting a hot load down her wet, ready throat and swallowed it all.

Hot Whore Sucks Off Random Guy

Duration: 7m, 1s, Starring Flower Tucci, TJ Cummings

(Not Rated)

Flower Tucci is one of the best cum guzzlers in the industry. She doesn't stop sucking cock until she gets what she's after: a nice splashing of jizz. She takes full advantage of this poor guy and sucks him off like she's never down before. She crams as much of his hot prick into her mouth as she can, licking and teasing every inch of it until he's about to blow. She doesn't want him to cum just yet, so she slows it down and strokes his cock with her hands. He can't hold back any longer and he pops his cork all over her.

Brunette Makes Man Scream During Head

Duration: 3m, 54s, Starring Kodey Coxxx, Brett Rockman

(Not Rated)

Cocksucking reaches new heights when Kodey Coxxx gets to work on Brett Rockman's meaty member. She practically has him screaming while she works his pecker. She moves fast at time and slow at others. The polishes his knob so good that he constantly seems like he's on the brink. Her huge and perfectly rounded tits against her tiny frame make it even hotter. When she takes his cock really deep down her throat, he can't resist wrapping his hands around her throat. She licks and sucks his balls so good and you can tell she is proud to be of service. His huge member and loud moaning would turn anyone on and you just gotta see it.

Platinum Blonde Slut Sucks Cock For Cum

Duration: 4m, 51s, Starring Missy Monroe

(1 Vote)

Platinum blonde bimbo Missy Monroe doesn't like to waste time. She gets straight to business when the task is sucking cock. Her fair skin and big nicely sized breasts make for nice scenery when she gives head. This girl moans so loudly while sucking him off that she is obviously very excited about it. She spits and slobs on his cock so much that he can't resist mouth fucking really hard. He shoves his cock way down her throat. This girl can take his cock all the way to the balls. She licks his asshole and his nutsack and then lays back for a tittie fuck until he blows his wad all over her mouth. Believe it or not not a drop misses her tongue!

Long Haired Redhead Gurgles Giving Head

Duration: 5m, 10s, Starring Amber Simpson

(1 Vote)

Amber Simpson's long and wavy hair flows down her back as she glides up and down this cock. She gives a naughty blowjob that gets this guy moaning. She works his shaft to perfection and gobbles his knob like a pro. Her mouth slides all over his pecker and from every angle possible. She takes that dick all the way down her throat and you can hear her slurping all over it. Amber's throat gurgles she keeps purring up and down this dick. Her tiny tits move a little bit, but it's her mouth that gets all the attention. When this dude is ready to bust his nut, she gets her cumshot all around her face and even in her eye.

Slut Blows Stranger On Film For Fame

Duration: 5m, 36s, Starring Lacy Tom, Don Picone

(1 Vote)

Lacy Tom is a spotlight loving whore who will do anything for her fifteen minutes of fame. When she was asked to give this guy a blow job, she eagerly accepted. She's good at what she does and she waste no time getting down to business. She crams this guy's cock into her mouth so deep, it's a surprise that she doesn't gag. She knows what gets men off, so she spits a huge wad of spit all over his cock, sucking him off until he's all messy. He doesn't want her to be the only one spitting, so he blows his wad all over her face, where she eagerly laps it up.

Short Haired Brunette Chick Gives Head

Duration: 6m, 4s, Starring Jessi Roman, Frank Towers

(4 Votes)

Some kissing and fondling get this blowjob started when Jessi and Frank Towers get it on outside. He lays back on his knees and she leans forward and starts polishing his knob. She works the tip of his dick with skill and pumps the shaft eagerly. Her hand palms this cock while her head bobs atop it. This girl loves a good member and it certainly shows as she smiles constantly throughout. Tongue studded Jessi uses her metal to add to the sensation with every lick. She delights in this lollipop and his eyes rolling back into his head certainly express his appreciation for a job well done. She srinks down his cum without an ounce spilled.

Cum Hungry Blonde Gets Mouth Bang

Duration: 3m, 28s, Starring Candy Apples, Kurt Lockwood

(1 Vote)

Kurt Lockwood sees this busty blonde laying back on a sofa petting her pussy and can't resist the urge to stuff his meat right down her throat. He starts banging her mouth ans she is loving it. This cum hungry slut licks every inch of his cock from angle to angle. She loves to pet her pussy when she knows she's doing a good 'job' and that just makes his want to taste her. An aerial 69 shows just how talented both are. With the blood rushing to her head because she is blowing him upside down, the semen starts pumping up through his at the sensation. He blows his wad as she kneels down in front of him and catches every ounce around her mouth.

She Sucks While He Squeezes His Nutsack

Duration: 7m, 26s, Starring Valentina Velasques

(2 Votes)

A fancy night on the town gets Valentina Velasques horny as hell and she sticks this dude's fingers and dick in her mouth. Her tongue tickles his dome when she wraps her luscious lips around it. She bobs up and down the cock and even manages to suck his shaft backwards. She is a talented dicksucker and likes to tug at it. This dude is feeling so good, he squeezes his nutsack with her lingering on top polishing his knob. Dressed in a red leather dress, this diva deepthroats with the best of them and looks VERY hot while she does it. When he good to blow his wad, all of it gets into her mouth and not a drop spilled.

Chick Swallows Cum First, Then Spits

Duration: 6m, 25s, Starring Sandra Romain, Lee Stone

(2 Votes)

Hot pink bra and panties and a little striptease by Sandra Romain has Lee Stone just dying for a blowjob. She is more than eager to give him one and immediately gets down on her knees. Sandra likes to use both hands when she plays with a prick like this. She bobs around the tip and the takes it all into her mouth. her head glides slowly up and down the shaft, and she stops at the dome to suck for few moments. She can take the dick all the way into the back of her throat till her lip reach his nutsack. She pumps his shaft and then hums on his nuts while he keeps pumping. When his jizz starts squirting out, she opens wide and licks it all.

Hot Blonde Does Hard Core Deepthroat!

Duration: 3m, 7s, Starring Harmony Rose, Benjamin Brat

(1 Vote)

A net shirt with titties hanging out is how Harmony Rose likes to dress for a cum job. She deepthroats this dick down to the balls and he likes to feel his prick against her throat. She sucks this dick from every angle and Benjamin mouth fucks her hard. That she doesn't choke is a testament to how deep her throat really is. She doesn't play too much with dome but she sucks it a little bit. This is a hard core deepthroat that never comes up for air. She just keeps taking the entire dick down her throat deeper and deeper. She doesn't have to swallow because there is nowhere for the cum to go but straight down.

Blond With Huge Tits Is Hungry For Cum

Duration: 4m, 21s, Starring Michelle Barrett

(2 Votes)

Turned on porn star Michelle B looks so hot in her tight mesh bodysuit as she sucks a fat cock, her massive tits straining to get out as she bobs up and down on the hard cock. This blond slut lives to have a cock in her mouth, and every lucky guy that gets to stick his boner in her oral fuck socket cums away satisfied. She sucks like a vacuum cleaner, taking the whole shaft down the back of her throat without complaint, and she loves it when her man fucks her mouth and uses her like the whore she is. When she feels her man's balls tighten she pulls off her outfit and bares her huge jugs for him to blow his load on.

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