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Nurse Listens To Covert Storeroom Suck

Duration: 12m, 13s, Starring Cris Cassidy, Nancy Hoffman, Joey Silvera, Richard Pacheco

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This dirtymedical sex video kicks off with a stunning and busty blond housewife cheating on her husband. While she talks to her man on the phone, trying to keep the moans of pleasure out of her voice, her lover licks her hairy pussy, fucks her and then spunks right on her breasts - while her husband is on the other end of the line the whole time! Back at the hospital, a prim and proper nurse, who is probably extremely sexually frustrated, listens intently at the door of the storeroom as she hears what sounds like one of the nurses sucking one of the doctor's cocks. She can't even admit to herself how horny the sounds make her feel!

Sexy Nurse Slammed Hard In Her Butthole

Duration: 21m, 55s, Starring Amber Hunt, Lauren Black, Nancy Hoffman, Phaedra Grant, Rock Steadie

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Wouldn't you love to be attended to by these fantastic nurses? A stud is sick in his hospital bed, his penis cruelly injured by a freak accident. Lucky for him that he's got a sexy blond nurse to help him get back to health! She gingerly takes his flaccid wang in her hand, kissing and stroking it gently until it begins to stir. Soon she's deepthroating the whole pole, which is bristling and erect - a marked change from the impotence with which this man was struck mere moments before! Soon he is fucking the nurse like crazy, lifting her skirt up around her waist and plugging her like a maniac. He even gives her ass a good slamming!

Hospital Girls Have Their Pussies Fucked

Duration: 18m, 27s, Starring Cris Cassidy, Eileen Wells, Nancy Hoffman, Phaedra Grant, Paul Thomas

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It's lucky for this patient that she has such an attentive nurse! It's also somewhat suspect that this supposedly sick babe is wearing a pair of exceptionally sexy stockings in her hospital bed, but who gives a shit; it's extremely hot when the nurse lifts up the sheets and starts tonguing her patient's pussy! These girls seem intent on their mutual oral sex, but the guy in the bed next to them wants to jump in on the action - and when he exposes his large and bristling dick, these sexy bitches aren't about to say no! He jumps onto the bed with them, feeding them the pole and then bending them both over for some slutty pussy fucking.

Sexy Nurse Sluts Gagging For Group Cock

Duration: 15m, 33s, Starring Amber Hunt, Cris Cassidy, Eileen Wells, Nancy Hoffman, Sharon Thorpe

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The action is fast and furious in this hardcore 80s porno, which features some erotic lesbian sex and group fucking. The party is in full swing, and these dirtynurses have gathered up an assorted bevy of patients and doctors for an extreme big cock orgy. At first we see two of the girls engaged in a hot 69; one of the doctors just walks up and slams his cock into one of their pussies and starts fucking! There's plenty of horny cunt to mouth action, as one man pulls his prick out of one nurse's hairy vagina and slides it into one of the other nurse's mouths. There is also a separate dirty fucking segment on the bedroom floor.

One Hot Lesbian Pleasured By Five Others

Duration: 4m, 5s, Starring Amber Hunt, Cris Cassidy, Eileen Wells, Nancy Hoffman, Sharon Thorpe

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The Candy Strippers are taking over this mother fucker! This video gets right in to the good stuff, with one girl lying spreadeagled on the table, completely naked with her legs spread. Five other gorgeous babes are gathered around her, making her body barely visible amongst the throng of nice tits and fine asses. There are two girls on each side, licking her nipples and her pussy, while the fifth girl sits right on the prone woman's face. This scene is all about oral sex, with plenty of pussy licking and 69 action to be had. Not only that, but every single one of these babes is absolutely gorgeous - this one is going to make you cum quick!

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