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Hot Classic Nurse Giving Great Service

Duration: 16m, 51s, Starring Taija Rae, Michael Gaunt

(Not Rated)

Taija Rae is a lovely nurse that knows exactly how to make her patients all better, although she does end up getting a lot of repeats for some reason. Michael Gaunt is her patient for the day, and she decides to make him feel better by slurping down his dick. There's nothing to complain about with her style of health care, and she certainly has everyone leaving the room happy. There's always a smile on her face as well, although she tends to be swallowing plenty of cum as she goes throughout the rest of her day.

Naughty Nurse Gets Railed by Ron Jeremy

Duration: 14m, 7s, Starring Sheri St. Clair, Ron Jeremy

(Not Rated)

Ron Jeremy has been in porn forever, it seems like, and some of his earlier stuff is his most entertaining. This particular classic porno casts him alongside Aurora and Sheri St. Clair for some great results. The best part of this scene is when he has Aurora bent over, everything off of her but her stockings and a nurse hat. He starts ramming his dick in deep, teasing her deeper and deeper into the bend so that you can see every bit of her ass perfectly. It's an amazing scene that ends up making you want to just bust a nut right there.

Nurses Gone Wild in Classic Porn Flick

Duration: 18m, 44s, Starring Colleen Brennan, Karen Summer, Sheer Delight, Taija Rae

(1 Vote)

This is a true nurses gone wild situation with Aurora, Karen Summer, Taija Rae, Colleen Brennan, and Sheer Delight. I don't know what they're supposed to be doing in this hospital, but what they actually do end up doing is driving a patient crazy with their tits, mouths, and pussies. One of the lovely ladies climbs on top of that dick, while the others are either kissing and feeling up each other or they're attending to the patient, who is currently suffering from trying not to bust a nut ism. It's a hot and light hearted scene that ends up being incredibly intense.

Horny Classic Porn Nurse Loves 69

Duration: 15m, 9s, Starring Sheer Delight, Sheri St. Clair, Taliesin

(1 Vote)

Classic porn has some of the best story lines ever, and this particular scene with Sheri St. Clair and Taliesin shows it. Although it's a pretty standard nurse sex scene, you do have a great 69 that has her hairy pussy shoved right in his face, while her mouth is wrapped so tight around his dick that you'd think it was a tourniquet. Later on you'll see the lovely Sheer Delight, as well as a guy dressed up in a rather weird hazmat outfit. It's a very random scene, but the action is as real as it gets, and that's what makes classic porn great.

Wild Classic Porn Orgy at the Doctor's

Duration: 11m, 29s, Starring Colleen Brennan, Sheer Delight, Taija Rae, Ron Jeremy

(2 Votes)

I don't know where this doctor's office is, but I do know that I want to get in on this shit. It's absolutely amazing to see all these people shoved into one room together and fucking like wild men and women. Aurora, Taija Rae, Colleen Brennan, Sheer Delight, and Ron Jeremy all make their way into this one, and you'll see so many nubile classic porn nurses getting fucked that you'll have uniform porn fantasies for weeks. There's nothing wrong with that of course - you'll just want to keep coming back to this particular scene for it though.

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