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Carpenter's Coffeebreak

Slutty Vintage Babe Gets Threesome

Duration: 7m, 28s, Starring Britney, Brutus, Ned

(12 Votes)

If there's one thing that makes super slutty babes really happy, it's getting the attention of two guys at once. Brittney is a sexy vintage amateur who has found herself in just this situation. She is smiles all around as these guys look at her hot ass barely covered by a pair of cut off jean shorts. Brutus and Ned get their dicks out and at the ready when she starts bending over, and you'll find that she is more than willing to help them get their minds off their massively hard dicks. Now this is a hot vintage threesome.

Tan Vintage Babe Gets Cock Hungry

Duration: 5m, 38s, Starring Harriet, John Holmes

(4 Votes)

Harriet is enjoying the time showing off her tight body, all naked and under the sun. You'll especially enjoy checking out her bouncy, perky tits. She isn't just going to be showing off her fine naked body though. She makes sure to get herself on one of the most well known dicks in the porn industry - John Holmes' cock. She attacks this monster cock with her mouth and just keeps sucking and slurping away. She tries to take that dick all the way down her throat but the sheer size of it is stopping her.

Hairy Pussy Babe Using Vibrator

Duration: 7m, 5s, Starring Elsa, Chuck

(1 Vote)

Elsa is a very hairy pussy babe from the 60s who is experimenting with a rather hot vibrator. This thing isn't like the little vibes that pornstars use today. This thing has a vibrating head as big as your fist and it looks rather damn scary, truth be told. Once she starts in on her pussy with that thing you know that she is going to be wet as all hell. That's a good thing for Chuck, because he just wants to dip his dick in her and have a good old time. Before long he gets to enjoy this tight hairy pussy up close and personal.

Naughty Vintage Babe in Shower

Duration: 8m, 2s, Starring Felicity, Goose

(1 Vote)

Felicity is a naughty vintage porn babe who doesn't really go for the couch when she's in the mood to suck a dick. Instead she'll just plop her booty down on the bottom of the shower stall and start sucking at Goose's dick. She has a great, natural body with a bit of chub and a great set of natural tits. She also sports an impressively hairy pussy that will get you hard right away. If you're not into the hairy stuff, just watch her working her mouth up and down this dude's dick - she's rather impressive in the shower.

Vintage Porn Chick Gets Pussy Licked

Duration: 6m, 42s, Starring Leslie, Thomas

(2 Votes)

Leslie is a cute vintage porn chick who is sporting a trimmed pussy, a real rarity in this particular time period. She might have had a modern looking pussy but she is down right vintage nasty, wanting everything that Thomas could give her. She's grabbing at her sweet natural tits and spreading her legs wide for them. They're fucking on an old ass looking couch, with Thomas just ramming away at her sweet slit. She is so worked up that she is about to cum as soon as he puts his dick in her, but she does manage to hold on without screaming.

Lee Jamie Curtis Enjoys Vintage 3some

Duration: 5m, 46s, Starring Lee Jamie Curtis, Jeff Foxjerky, Lumber Jack

(1 Vote)

Lee Jamie Curtis enjoys the attention of two different men at the same time, Jeff Foxjerky and Lumber Jack. She loves being able to wrangle two dicks at once and takes obvious pride in working the pair of them out. She slurps and sucks up and down that dick, getting herself into a situation where her hairy pussy keeps getting wetter and wetter. This vintage threesome is one of the hottest ones to come out of the old time porn era, and you aren't going to be able to keep your hand off your dick as the scene progresses.

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