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Black Hoochies Cumswapping in Threesome

Duration: 11m, 57s, Starring Brandi, Niva Spanxx, Hugh Blackner

(2 Votes)

Brandi and Niva Spanxx are two black hoochie mamas that are after one thing - a good taste of cum. They make sure to pick up the same guy, Hugh Blackner. These babes just want to go for a threesome, and they make sure to take full advantage of the cock offered them. They swap the cock back and forth while they get him nice and hard, but the real swapping isn't until later. You see, these girls are cumswappers and they will stop at nothing to share a nice big load between each other. Now that's hot.

Black Amateurs Enjoy Sick Cumswap

Duration: 11m, 5s, Starring Skyler Dupree, Hugh Blackner

(4 Votes)

Skyler Dupree and Jessica Ryan are in the mood to swap cum back and forth, so they get themselves all excited and in the mood before seeking out Hugh Blackner. They know that he can shoot loads with the best of them, and they want get the maximum amount of cum for their swapping efforts. These black girls got their wish and then some. Once they get done giving him a blow job to end all blow jobs, they get a big and beefy load to start cum swapping with. It's a damn hot sight to see these girls going at it.

Interracial Cumswappers Passion

Duration: 9m, 24s, Starring Nisan, Passion, Hugh Blackner

(3 Votes)

Passion and Nisan are in the mood to teach a white boy exactly what's so hot about cumswapping, so they walk into Hugh Blackner's office and get ready to put on a show. Their mouths are open, willing, and ready to have some fun, and Hugh is willing to give it to them every step of the way. These eager black whores are all for this interracial shit, and they have plenty of fun swapping that dick back and forth between the two of them. Once they're done with that, they go ahead and swap the cum back and forth.

Black Sluts Swap Cum After Sucking

Duration: 13m, 6s, Starring Essence, Sabara, Hugh Blackner

(2 Votes)

There are some girls that just aren't up for the same old, same old - and for those types of girls, you have cum swapping. Essence and Sabara are black sluts that get off at the mere thought of swapping some cum back and forth. When they actually get a chance to do it with Huge Blackner, these girls go so crazy that they're almost dripping pussy juice to start with. Before long they are pounding away at that dick, giving Hugh a blowjob that he won't soon forget. Then, they move on to the swap fest.

Hot Black Cum Swapping Whores

Duration: 8m, 58s, Starring Brandy Dearborn, Strokahontas, Hugh Blackner

(4 Votes)

Strokahontas and Brandy Dearborn are gorgeous amateur ebony babes that have a very nasty streak in them. They show off the nasty by cum swapping every chance they get. Today they're tag teaming Hugh Blackner, letting their mouths do the talking in this spicy suck scene. After that they get ready for the big moment, when the cum swapping goes wild and crazy. These girls snowball each other, locking lips and sharing all that cum that shot out of Hugh Blackner's massive member. Now that's fucking hot.

Suckable and Nicole Richie Swapping

Duration: 11m, 58s, Starring Nicole Richie, Suckable, Hugh Blackner

(3 Votes)

These cum swapping black babes are always in the mood to make a man's day, and it turns out that they have Huge Blackner as their target. There's a rather naughty smile on both of their faces as they start in on each other. You just gotta have the lesbian action to start, after all. From there they go ahead and start after Hugh's cock, working their mouths up and down it. They have a rather specific plan in mind for the cum though. These feisty whores are going to swap it back and forth like no one's business until they are satisfied.

Pregnant Whore Loves Cumswapping

Duration: 8m, 46s, Starring Lolli Pop, Sunshine, Hugh Blackner

(6 Votes)

Now this is the type of scene that hits all of the right niches. You have a sexy black girl named Sunshine, a pregnant redhead whore named Lolli Pop, and Hugh Blackner waiting to take all of these ladies in on his cock. Now that's a combination that is sure to make your head spin, especially when you see what they do at the end of it. You see, they aren't happy to just get an orgasm. Instead they're going to go ahead and make sure to swap that cum back and forth, getting it all over their lips and tits.

Naughty Black Girls Guzzling Cum

Duration: 7m, 57s, Starring Dream, Moniica, Hugh Blackner

(3 Votes)

Moniica and Dream are two rather slutty black chicks that are always in the mood for something naughty and preferably fucked up. These girls get a smile on their face when they think about all of the nasty ass shit that they could be doing to Hugh Blackner. One of the things that they come up with is to try out some cumswapping. This leaves them so damn thrilled that you'd think they'd invented it or some shit. They just lock lips and go back and forth, letting the cum fall where it may. Now that's hot.

Dena Caly adn Desiree in Cumswapping

Duration: 7m, 34s, Starring Dena Caly, Desiree Diamond, Hugh Blackner

(4 Votes)

This is a black porn duo that you need to get excited about. You see, Dena Caly and Desiree Diamond are in the mood for some cumswapping, and Hugh Blackner is going to be introduced to it first hand. These nasty black whores just love getting as dirty as possible. The way they decided to do this today just so happens to be with cum swapping. They just love passing that cum back and forth, getting themselves nice and horny while the dude goes fucking insane at how wild these girls end up getting.

Two Wild Sluts Get Wild with Cumswap

Duration: 14m, 14s, Starring Chelsea Zinn, Mallory Knoxxx, Hugh Blackner

(5 Votes)

Chelsea Zinn and Mallory Knoxxx are not exactly known for being nice girls. Instead these wild sluts go fucking insane when they find out that Hugh Blackner is down for a threesome, and he doesn't give a shit what they do. These girls are all over that in no time flat, showing off just how intensely slutty they can be. Before long they have him two seconds away from blowing, and that's when they really hit him with some fucked up shit. They go ahead and work on the cum swapping, pushing it back and forth between them.

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