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Black Beauties Having White Cock

Duration: 8m, 45s, Starring Divine, Nubian Princess, Hugh Blackner

(7 Votes)

Hugh Blackner just loves the dark meat sucking on her pearly white dick. He just loves these black chicks and eats out their tasty wet pussies while the other one blows him. When both of the chicks go at his dick at the same time and each pick a side to the cock and sucks and licks it Hugh goes crazy. All those wet lips and tongues over his cock is what dreams are made of. It certainly doesn't take him long to get off and when he does, he loose on their faces and the chicks kiss each other and lick it off

Two Black Hotties Share Hot White Load

Duration: 6m, 33s, Starring Fuzzy, Onyx, Hugh Blackner

(5 Votes)

When two black chicks start making out together in your office, about the only thing you can do is pullout your white cock and offer it up to them and hope they latch on and suck. Onyx and Fuzzy take the bait and before you know it they are sucking like vacuums getting his penis hard as a rock and even start fighting over it. They certainly don't feel like sharing it. Hugh Blackner the stunt cock even shoves his finger in one of the chicks asses and goes for the gold. When the time is right those, these hot black sluts have to share his large white load.

Black And White Chicks Share A Hard Dick

Duration: 8m, 28s, Starring Jacky Tores, Nicole Richie, Hugh Blackner

(3 Votes)

Nicole Richie and Jacky Torres are two porn chicks that love teaming up and taking on a cock. Today they are going to give Hugh Backner and his average size dick a work out he will not soon forget. With their eager lips latching on to the firm cock they stroke it and suck it at the same time. Even the balls and taint get some attention. Hugh is in a generous mood though and eats out the chicks while they mow down on cock. The best prize though comes when they get to share and swap his hot sticky cum.

Hot Chocolate Diva's Meet Milky Dick

Duration: 10m, 1s, Starring Delotta Brown, Tasha, Hugh Blackner

(8 Votes)

Sexy chocolate divas know how to turn each other on, but they also like to mix things up and share some nice creamy white dick. It is always a race to see who gets the milky white center first but even if one gets more, they are happy to get their tongues going and swap the cum so they can both enjoy it. Nothing like watching two long pink tongues wrestle with a cock followed by throats trying to choke the cum out of the dick. These two will even lick up each others spit. There is nothing these two won't do together.

Two Horny Chocolate Babes Sharing Cock

Duration: 13m, 10s, Starring Carmen Hayes, Vida Valentine, Hugh Blackner

(9 Votes)

Hugh Blackner loves looking down at his cock and seeing two horny black bitches with their perfect asses sucking on his cock. Neither Carmen Hayes or Vida Valentine do pretty good sharing but you know these girls want it all to themselves. If they have to share though, they are going to try to get as much of it as they can. These two busty chicks grab onto hhis cock tightly and suck it, pull it, stroke it and lick it. The only question that remains is who will get the most cum in their mouth and will they swap it and share it?

Cum Swapping Black Chicks In Overdrive

Duration: 15m, 28s, Starring Honey, Vivica Kisses, Hugh Blackner

(3 Votes)

Two black chicks love sucking on white cock. These girls suck it, shake it, and swallow it like they are a dog with a bone. Honey and vivica Kisses even keep rubbing Hugh Blackner's taint in an effort to keep him super hard while they each take one side of his dick and suck on it, sort of like sharing a popsicle. Eventually that isn't even and they take turns sucking the cock by themselves while the other one does some ball sucking. It works out well and Hugh sprays his goo on their faces for them to cum swap.

Cum Swapping Black Chicks Loving The Cum

Duration: 5m, 41s, Starring Care Bare, Lollipop, Hugh Blackner

(4 Votes)

Two black chicks put aside their differences to share a nice white dick owned by none other than Hugh Blackner. Lollipop and Care Bare not only use their mouths but also their hands to suck and jerk Blacker. These girls seem to prefer sucking the head rather than swallowing the entire dick which is probably a nice change for Hugh. It certainly doesn't take long before both chicks have cum on their faces and they set about licking and sucking it off and enjoying the taste of the warm sticky fluid.

Black And Asian Chicks Blow A White Cock

Duration: 6m, 40s, Starring Jayme Mason, Kyanna Lee, Hugh Blackner

(26 Votes)

White dude Hugh Blackner is one lucky guy. He may not have a huge cock but he sure has the ladies fighting over the right to suck on it. He has two bitches, a black one called Jayme Mason and an Asian, Kyanna Lee, attacking his cock like he was the last piece of meat in a food line. They are sucking his balls, pushing each other away while they try to get possession of the white meat and will suck the balls, lick the sides, anything at all to get themselves a little taste. Thankfully, they share the cum rather than fight over it.

Black Hoes Swap Cum From White Meat

Duration: 8m, 22s, Starring Barbie, Kitten, Hugh Blackner

(5 Votes)

Kitten and Barbie are two black sluts that love sucking cocks. They are loud, like vacuums and you can hear the gurgles and sucking noises from two blocks away. They shove their pretty faces down on the cock until they gag and when they have to come up for air, the other one takes over. With the spit from their mouths flying and being licked up, this is a moist adventure. It gets even wetter though because when Hugh Blackner cums in their eager mouths they swap it with their tongues to make sure each of them get the white cream

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