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Stacey Barbwyck Classic Porn DP

Duration: 8m, 12s, Starring Stacey Barbwyck, Frank Burns, Larry Dallas

(8 Votes)

Stacey Barbwyck doesn't just want a kinky, hot threesome, she wants to add in some spice to it as well. Larry Dallas and Frank Burns are down for whatever this kinky bitch wants, and what they get exceeds their wildest dreams. This pair gets to do a run on her pussy and ass at the same time with a DP threesome that will leave your head spinning. Her pussy and ass stretch out wide to take on every inch of that dick, and Stacey is breathless by the time she's gotten taken care of. She's that damn horny.

Brenda Stanwich Enjoys Vintage DP 3some

Duration: 8m, 2s, Starring Brenda Stanwich, Frank Burns, Junior Farmer

(1 Vote)

Group sex was not as common in the good old days of porn as it is today. So every time a great DP threesome scene pops up in the vintage porn reels it's like Christmas. A very porny Christmas. Brenda Stanwich is getting herself all hot and bothered with Junior Farmer and Frank Burns, letting her pussy and ass get completely wapped! She loves how absolutely full getting stuffed with two sausages at once feels, and before long she is making sure that they are slamming their entire lengths inside of her.

Horny Vintage Whore Enjoying DP

Duration: 9m, Starring Sally Saint, Brian Brooks, Larry Dallas, Levon John

(2 Votes)

You don't get to see a whole lot of DP action from the vintage porn days, but it looks like today you're getting a treat. Sally Saint is about as far from a saint as possible. She doesn't just have one guy come in, she has all sorts of dicks running around her house, wanting a piece of her sweet pussy. Even she gets more than she bargained for when she finds out that what they really had in mind was a hell of a lot of DP action. This old time vintage camera captures every bit of the action, and you won't be able to take your eyes off of it.

Gracious Harlow Double Penetration

Duration: 8m, 14s, Starring Gracious Harlow, Pete Disco

(1 Vote)

Gracious Harlow likes to add a bit of kink to her every day fuck fests, so she has started having her man help her out with double penetration. She doesn't want to get fucked by another guy, as she's quite happy with Pete Disco, but she does want to be filled in both holes at once. She uses a curvy antique dildo to fill her ass and pussy at the same time. That gets her off so much that she's going to have one rather massive orgasm and gives Pete Disco the time of his sexual life. He's never going to forget this one.

Vintage Double Penetration Action

Duration: 6m, 18s, Starring Carlie Simmons, Junior Farmer, Larry Dallas

(6 Votes)

Carlie Simmons is not your typical vintage porn housewife. Instead of puttering around the house, getting it nice and clean for her husband when he comes home, she's getting her pussy and ass pounded at the same time by Junior Farmer and Larry Dallas. She can't believe how full she feels when she's getting slammed by those dicks over and over, her pussy taking so much punishment and her ass getting completely stretched out. She is so cum covered and happy at the end of this hot vintage porn scene.

Kat Johnson Total Vintage Porn Slut

Duration: 8m, 21s, Starring Kat Johnson, Frank Burns, Larry Dallas

(1 Vote)

You might not think that there were total sluts running around during the 40s or 50s, but it turns out that there were plenty of them behind closed doors. With the advent of video cameras these sluts could even go voyeuristic and show off their wild sides. Kat Johnson was one such slut, and she has made a threesome video that is hot throughout the ages. Her pussy is tight as hell, her ass is ready for some fun, and she has talked Larry Dallas and Frank Burns into fucking her at the same time in a DP threesome.

Naughty Vintage Amateur in DP Action

Duration: 5m, 24s, Starring Sally Saint, Brian Brooks, Pete Disco

(Not Rated)

You would never believe that the vintage porn age was filled with just as many dirtypeople as there is today. Sally Saint, who is so far from being a saint it's painful, is in the mood for something different. She talks one of her friends into recording her sex sessions and invites Brian Brooks and Pete Disco over for a threesome. This isn't going to be just any threesome, although that's shocking enough. Oh no, Sally wants both of the boys inside her at the same time, with a dick up the ass and the pussy.

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