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Ebony Amateurs 6

Nadia Nasty Begs to be Fucked

Duration: 29m, 7s, Starring Nadia Nasty, Burke

(8 Votes)

Amateur cutie pie, Nadia Nasty drew the short straw and wins first dibs with the depraved Burke. Wearing an Easter yellow miniskirt with no panties underneath, this slim, little tart has no illusions of what is about to go down. Practically writhing with sexual frenzy, she takes his cock in her mouth and sucks him off so good, he actually has to stop for a minute to regain composure. Now, its Burke's turn, looking pretty fly for a white guy with his Supercuts haircut, to return the oral favor. But what he really wants is to stuff his prick deep inside her tender pussy, which he does. She eggs him on, purring, "Fuck me...fuck me." A must see!

2 Black Amateurs Double Team Burke

Duration: 29m, 22s, Starring Punkin, Sani, Burke

(2 Votes)

Eager black amateurs, Sani and Punkin are the type of bitches who love to do everything together and fucking a cock like Burke's is no exception. Like a sexy, blaxploitation superhero team-up, they merge their cock-sucking skills to take on the likes of Mullet Overlord Burke. Taking turns polishing the slob off his knob, these girls don't mind taking turns since each one of them gets so obviously turned on by watching the other get fucked. Sani gets her pussy stuffed first on the desk while Punkin pleasures herself. Like a goddamn one man sex-band, Burke keeps the other girl entertained with his mouth and fingers as his cock does the rest.

Watch Taylor Starr's Lady Humps Jiggle!

Duration: 29m, 18s, Starring Taylor Starr, Burke

(10 Votes)

Try picturing walking into a horny stink den of amateur black girls that can't wait to jump on your cock. Well, fuck your imagination, and let Burke show you the golden path. Not even two minutes in it, Taylor Starr is already buck-ass naked prodding her inexperienced pussy with a glass dildo. Apparently, she is jealous that she hasn't been fucked yet and outright BEGS to get some deep dickin'. Burke saddles right up doing the only thing he knows how and shoves his meat rocket in her doggy-style. This time, he's holding the camera so we get that unique p.o.v perspective. I swear Taylor's sexy butt jiggle has hypnotic effects. For ass lovers!

Burke Breaks in New Black Amateur Kali

Duration: 29m, 36s, Starring Kali Dreams, Burke

(4 Votes)

Seriously, Burke is to Porn like Nick Nolte is to Hollywood. Both look like they shambled hornyly out of the nearest backwater bayou and in front of a camera. Kali Dreams, a stacked black amateur babe, is the latest fly in Burke's web. Sporting a mangy mullet and salvation army tee, Burke fully believes in his bare-bones approach to amateur fucking. He quickly directs Kali's sweet, bubbly ass to the playroom where he mounts her doggy-style and starts pounding away. There, our white trash champion breaks that pussy down six ways to Sunday, pausing only to slurp up excess pussy juice. He finally pulls out to ice that luscious behind.

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