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Horny Hippie Takes Pounding in 60s Porno

Duration: 2m, 6s, Starring Daniella Dunham

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Daniella Dunham is a cute girl next door kind if hippie from the 60s, and she's bringing a world full of sexual chemistry right to your door. She fucking loves getting properly pounded, and it looks like this guy is laying enough pipe to her to make her a rather happy girl. Her pussy is as hairy as I had hoped for, and the way she throws her head back while she's getting rammed really makes me enjoy her explosive orgasm. She's a horny one, that's for sure, and it won't take her long to come back for more.

Estella Schnitzenpuss Rims Jesus

Duration: 5m, 6s, Starring Estella Schnitzenpuss, Cocaine Jesus, Pip

(Not Rated)

With a scene title like that you know you have to watch this shit. This is one of the weirdest pornos that I think I've ever watched, and I've watched a ton of classic porn to really prepare for the out of this world shit. You don't even need to know the plot on this 60s porno. All you need to know is that some chick named Estella Schnitzenpuss is rimming the hell out of a dude that looks like a hippie Jesus. It's wild, it's crazy, and it's just one more reason that you really need to check out more classic pornos.

Lusty Lindsey Loves It On The Top

Duration: 5m, 52s, Starring Lindsey, Pip

(Not Rated)

Lusty Lindsey is a gorgeous vintage porn amateur that made a video a couple of decades ago, showing off her love for the on top position. She has a really hairy pussy that takes center stage for a majority of the video, as the camera gets in close to capture all of the action. Her fuck buddy is Pip and he is rather happy to have a prime piece of ass riding his dong. She's a bit on the chubby side, like many top shelf amateurs back in the day. That bit of chub gives her enough curve to really catch your attention.

Estella Has Two Big Penises In Her Mouth

Duration: 1m, 42s, Starring Estella Schnitzenpuss, Cocaine Jesus

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This short but hot vintage fuck clip is basically about one thing - a hot double blow job! Brunette fuck slut Estella kicks off this clip with two dicks in her mouth at the same time. Her two guys are lying in a somewhat uncomfortable position with their ball sacks pressed together, allowing Estella to get both pieces of man meat inside her gullet at once. She moans and slobbers all over the big penises, obviously driven into a frenzy of erotic cocksucking perfection by the thought of having not one but two dribbling pricks in her mouth and the same time! The two men both fuck her briefly and then ejaculate on her buttocks.

Wife Winnie Has Her Hairy Pussy Licked

Duration: 3m, 32s, Starring Lindsey, Winnie

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If you like to see genuine female orgasms, check out this clip right now! Sexy redhead housewife Lindsey goes to visit her brunette girlfriend Winnie. Winnie is having problems with her husband, who leaves her sexually unsatisfied. She hasn't had an orgasm in weeks! Lindsey vows to sort that out, pulling off her friend's top and cupping her big tits while she kisses her on the lips. Soon Winnie is lying back with her legs completely spread while Lindsey licks her hairy snatch to perfection. Winnie has an obviously genuine orgasm in this video, thrashing around and quivering in ecstasy as she gets tongued by a true professional.

Slutty Brunette Estella Creamed Twice

Duration: 4m, 7s, Starring Estella Schnitzenpuss, Cocaine Jesus, Pip

(Not Rated)

The guys start off this threesome movie by ordering up some Chinese takeaways - and it's just as well, because they're certainly going to work up an appetite during this enthusiastic three-way fuck movie! Short haired brunette Estella gets banged in both holes and both ends by her two boyfriends, groaning around the big cock in her mouth as she gets screwed in her pussy and her butt by the other man. She loves it in the ass, deliberately repositioning the cock at the entrance of her anus and then pushing her buttocks back so that she is getting voluntarily sodomized. Both men explode messily on her face at the end of the clip.

Hairy 1970s Tarts Share Hung Man's Penis

Duration: 8m, 4s, Starring Lindsey, Winnie, Handsome B. Wonderful

(1 Vote)

Wouldn't you love to be like this strapping, well hung stud? He walks into the living room to see gorgeous babes Lindsey and Winnie playing with each other on the sofa. The two homely, amateur style 1970s babes are completely naked, licking each others' hirsute pussies. He's not going to have any of this - if anyone is going to be getting off, it's going to be him! He sits back on the sofa as the two girls simultaneously work his cock, with some great close-ups of both whores working the penis at the same time. Then he lies down, screwing one girl then banging them in their tight vaginas, getting his balls licked at the same time.

1970s Girls Really Know How To Suck Cock

Duration: 5m, 31s, Starring Lindsey, Winnie, Handsome B. Wonderful, Pip

(Not Rated)

This extremely hot amateur style vintage clip is divided into two basic parts. In the first segment, a gorgeous blond with a fantastically puffy set of natural tits is relaxing naked with another dude in bed. He seems a little slow, but for some reason this just makes her want to please him even more! She gives him a superb blowjob; the camera gets right in close, letting you see just how hard she's sucking on that fat prick. It doesn't take much of this expert cocksucking to get the dude to spurt in her mouth! The scene is rounded out with another fella getting blown, this time by a nubile and extremely hot brunette fuck slut.

1970s Whores Pump Off Some Huge Cocks

Duration: 3m, 15s, Starring Lindsey, Winnie, Handsome B. Wonderful, Pip

(Not Rated)

Sexy 1970s whores Lindsey and Winnie take on a couple of throbbing dicks in this vintage flick. These girls are hot to trot - look at the enthusiasm with which they take to those monsters! Lindsey sucks and jerks off one of the dicks with an expression of intense concentration on her face. This is what she was born to do! She gleefully pumps out the load all over her small natural tits and gorgeous face. Her friend Winnie has got an equally big prick to play with; she eases it in to her tight cunt, riding it reverse cowgirl, and also sucking it towards the end. There's an infectious amateur quality to these vids that you'll love!

Hot Vintage Group Sex from 60s

Duration: 9m, 6s, Starring Celeste, Scarlet, Burt, Marco Polo

(Not Rated)

If there's one thing the 60s are good for, it's plenty of group sex. Now you can enjoy the group sex action from this decades old porn video featuring Scarlet and Celeste. They are masters at seduction and get Marco Polo and Burt into bed easily enough. The thing that really gets these girls off is hearing the other lady screaming and moaning in pleasure, so it's high time for a group sex scene for these ladies. There's nothing like hearing them moaning in extreme pleasure, watching her girlfriend getting the same treatment on the other side of the room.

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