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Girls Home Alone 05

Horny Blonde Masturbates In The Kitchen

Duration: 8m, 55s, Starring Malitia

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Poor Malitia is all alone and completely horny. Her pussy is dripping wet, craving some penetration. So She gets up on the kitchen counter and sticks two fingers inside herself. She masturbates that way for awhile until she finally grabs her pink rubber dildo and stuffs it inside herself. She fucks herself for awhile and then pulls it out and sucks on it. She licks her pussy juice right off the dildo. Then she crams is back into her horny hole. Malitia rotates between fingering herself and fucking with the dildo. She's screaming and furiously pleasuring her pussy until she finally cums hard with an orgasm.

Bored Young Wife Pleasures Her Wet Hole

Duration: 8m, 55s, Starring Kiki Cutey

(2 Votes)

Naughty young wife Kiki Cutey is home alone one night while her prick of a husband is down at the bar, probably chatting up some slut. The lonely babe is all dressed up in her sexiest lingerie, waiting for him to come home, and she's so horny she can't stand it. She gets out of her outfit, running her hands all over her body and pretending it's a man, and lowering her hands to her pussy. She kneads her pussy lips and slips a finger inside to feel her own wetness. Kiki pulls out her favorite sex toy, a silver dildo, which she turns on and slides inside her wet snatch. Pumping faster and faster, she works herself to a thrilling orgasm.

Lonely Stacked Blond Dildos In Bathroom

Duration: 10m, 12s, Starring Emilia

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What else is a poor horny girl left alone supposed to do except start to rub her aching snatch? She touches all of her sensitive spots, flicking her fingertips over her nipples and down to her pussy, kneading her clit. She pulls out her favorite sex toy, a golden vibrator, from its hiding place. Switching it on, she slowly eases it up insider herself, fantasizing that it's a big cock being rammed up between her tight pussy lips. She moans and her eyes roll back into her head as she cums.

Regan Loves Fucking Herself With Her Toy

Duration: 9m, 58s, Starring Regan Starr

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Regan Star loves getting herself off outside. She laid back in her lounge chair and started fingering her pussy and ass then she took one toy and slid it into her shaved, wet pussy. Once she was good and relaxed she bent over and put the big toy in. She hammered herself like she was trying to snake a drain clean. She came all over her toy and moaned so load everyone on the block knew she had cum. She pulled out the toy and licked it clean while she was still fingering and touching her tender, well fucked clit and pussy. She laid back and relaxed and got ready for round 2.

She Gets Herself Off In The Hot Tub

Duration: 8m, 44s, Starring Montana Wett

(2 Votes)

It was a warm and sunny day and Montana Wett had been out swimming in her pool. She always swims naked. She got out of the pool and into the hot tub and loved the feel of the warm jets on her naked body. She got up on the side of the hot tub and started rubbing her body. Her hands found her pussy and she started to rub. It felt good, but wasn't enough so she got her toy out and slid it into her now dripping wet pussy. She fucked herself as the warm sun beat down on her body then bent over and started hammering herself with the toy until she came her brains out. That is how you relax.

Sexy Babe Rubbing Her Sweet Muff

Duration: 7m, 42s, Starring Rikki Moans

(1 Vote)

I always wished I had a hot, uninhibited neighbor that enjoyed playing with her pussy in the great outdoors. Rikki Moans just so happens to be one of those blond girls that just can't keep her hands off of herself. She is rubbing every last bit of her body, her long fingers tracing soft patterns against that beautiful, tight body of hers. That just drives me crazier than anything I could imagine - especially when her soft moans fill the backyard with a sensual music that sounds kind of like sex crazed birds.

Kaitlyn is a lonely MILF at home with her dong!

Duration: 6m, 8s, Starring Kaitlyn

(5 Votes)

Kaitlyn is a forty-one year old MILF who is home all by herself. Her husband divorced her to run off with a darling girlfriendfriend. Her lovers have grown up and moved out to college. That leaves her horny and lonely which is a powerful combination! Watch as Kaitlyn sits on her steps and sucks the end of her dildo to get it wet and ready. Then she jams that fucker as deep as she can with two fists and tries to bust out an orgasm like a fluid jailbreak from her vagina!

Girl Home Alone Fucks Herself With Toys

Duration: 10m, 31s, Starring Angela D'Angelo

(3 Votes)

Naughty little Angela is home all alone and feeling mischievous. She starts running her finger all around her perky nipples, getting them nice and erect. She starts feeling her pussy and notices that she is soaking wet. Angela gets naked and then starts fucking herself with her fingers in her twat. She then grabs a dildo in which she stuffs into her wet snatch with both hands. She's screaming and moaning as the vibrating dildo is penetrating her so deeply. Angela then pulls out a bigger dildo and continues to fuck her pussy. She gets up on her knees and fucks herself from behind until she cums hard all over the toy.

Seasoned Slut Sinks Slippery Dildo on the Pool Table

Duration: 7m, 40s, Starring Nina Whett

(3 Votes)

Nina Whett is a blond busty bitch decked out like a sexy spider woman and she's home all alone! Playing pool will only pass so much time, so Nina decides that she can do more than just sink balls on the table. She spreads 'em and straddles the table like a stripper in heat! Nina loves the taste of her pussy on a slick vibrator, so she slides it in her cunt, then slides it down her throat. Seasoned and sexy, this slut is more fun than any game of pool I've ever played.

Lonely Young Wife Plays With Her Toy

Duration: 8m, 13s, Starring Juliette Jagger

(1 Vote)

Tattooed young MILF Juliette Jagger is home alone. The baby is finally put to bed, but her loser of a boyfriend is down at the club again, partying and flirting with the cage starlet while she's left at home to suffer. She's horny but she's too scared to get one her other men to come over and bang her, in case her boyfriend comes back. So the camera follows her as she quietly strips off on the sofa and starts to rub her hands all over her body, focusing on her perfectly shaved cunt. She gets herself really wet with her fingers before she gets out her favorite toy and starts to stroke herself. The girl makes herself cum right there.

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