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Girls Home Alone 16

Hot Blond Chick Masturbates For Cameras

Duration: 8m, 17s, Starring Zana

(2 Votes)

We are greeted by Zana a hot blond chick who's obviously horny since she starts playing with her huge fake tits and pussy over the bathing suit bottoms she's wearing. Before long she unties her top and starts playing with her pussy and tits at the same time. Her bathing suit bottoms come aside and she starts playing with her pussy lips and fingering herself eagerly. Before long the bathing suit bottoms come off and she takes out a vibrator and starts rubbing her clit with it and sliding it in and out of her soaking pussy hole. She continues to do this for a while before she finally cums and then licks the pussy juice off the vibrator.

Hot Black Chick Masturbates For Camera

Duration: 9m, 53s, Starring Caramel

(3 Votes)

We see Caramel, a hot black chick who just wants to be outside sunning herself, but she is also horny and after she lays down she starts playing with her tits, rubbing them through hr bathing suit top and then pulling them out to lick them. She then starts playing with her pussy over her bathing suit bottom before pulling it aside and spreading her pussy lips for us. Her bathing suit bottoms quickly come off, legs are spread wide open and she starts fingering herself eagerly, at one point pulling her pussy wide open and up to expose the pink inside. She then gets a dildo and starts masturbating with that.

Back Porch Diva Does it All By Herself

Duration: 9m, 14s, Starring Victoria Style

(3 Votes)

Sitting on her back porch all alone, Victoria Style is feeling randy and she just can't keep her hands off of herself. Peeling off her lacy pink bra exposes her sweet brown sugar titties, and she loves her titties! I'm pretty sure you'll love them too. Something else you might like is pierced clit, that's already wet and wanting to cum! This nasty girl can't wait around all day for you, so instead she just imagines you're her big blue dildo as she fucks herself and cums all over it!

1980's rock sluts can still make your dick play air guitar!

Duration: 7m, 52s, Starring Lindzey

(1 Vote)

Lindzey is the perfect video girl for a 1980s styled power ballad rock video. You can picture her rolling around on the hood of a white Jaguar or walking across the screen in bright cherry red stiletto heels but unlike those babes from back in the day, Lindzey is all about getting naked and busting out a back-breaking orgasm right in front of you! There ain't no teasers from this crowd pleaser, she gets off at the end and so will you!

Perfect Body Coed Tiffany Mason Masturbates In A Public Park

Duration: 11m, 34s, Starring Tiffany Mason

(2 Votes)

Cute ethnic college babe Tiffany Mason is one horny young slut! Wait until you see her get naked in this public park - her body is absolutely divine! She's got that gorgeous, athletic type of youthful skinniness, with a completely bald pussy and that charming gap between her slender thighs. However, despite her toned frame she has also got a superb pair of pert little natural tits! In this movie she lies underneath a tree completely naked, spreading her shapely legs and fingering herself then she pulls out a large cock and balls dildo, lifting up one leg and sliding it straight inside her moist and extremely tight young hole.

Hot Curvy Chick Masturbates With Dildo

Duration: 10m, 30s, Starring Queeny Love

(1 Vote)

We start off with Queeny Love a curvy brunette chick who's so horny that she's already playing with her pussy and tits outside on a swing. As we continue to watch she pulls her tits out of her bra just enough so that the nipples are exposed and starts playing with her pussy lips under her underwear. She then starts playing with just her tits, lifting them up to lick her own nipples and make them hard. Then she stops playing with her tits and starts fingering her pussy hole good and hard. She then brings out a large dildo and starts masturbating with that, slamming it in and out of her wet snatch.

Two Women Share Double Sided Vibrator

Duration: 10m, 10s, Starring Bree Brooks, Corrina Curves

(3 Votes)

We start off with two good looking women on a bed and they're already both so horny that they're touching themselves over their bras and over their underwear. Before long they both have their tops and underwear off and are fingering their pussies and playing with their huge fake tits. They continue to do this for a bit, getting more and more turned on as they do so. They pause for a minute and as we continue to watch one woman brings out a double sided vibrator, slides it into them both and they both start using it together, obviously enjoying it. As we watch one woman throws back her head as she cums hard.

Two Very Hot Chicks Masturbate Together

Duration: 12m, 28s, Starring Catalina, Dominique Dupree

(2 Votes)

We start off with two chicks who are chilling on a patio outside and before long one chick starts playing with herself, rubbing her tits and pussy. As she's playing with herself the other chick is as well, playing with her pussy as well. As they masturbate, they also watch the other chick masturbate. Soon one brings out a dildo and starts masturbating with that, the other chick also has a dildo that she uses to masturbate with as well. Pretty soon both chicks are masturbating hard and fast and getting more and more turned on by the sound of the other masturbating and they keep going harder and harder.

Hot Latina Chick Strips And Masturbates

Duration: 6m, 19s, Starring Alyiah

(168 Votes)

We start off with Alyiah, a very curvy chick who is outside on a blanket just relaxing and touching herself, and before long she's laying back with her shirt wide open exposing her huge tits and playing with her pussy. As we watch she seductively strip teases us for a while, all the time stroking her massive tits and playing with her pussy lips. Then brings out a vibrator and starts using it on her pussy, playing with her pussy lips and sliding it in and out of her wet hole. She continues to play with it, getting more and more excited as she keeps going and getting more and more wet in the process.

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