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Hot Casey Takes On A Whole Bunch Of Guys

Duration: 6m, 32s, Starring Casey Cuntrag, Bob Cobra, Mantooth, Paulie Deez Nuts, Teddy Tomahawk

(Not Rated)

These horny studs really take this busty brunette MILF to the limit! It's one of those rare scenes where we get to see a woman completely consumed by her lust, driven to the point of orgasm again and again by the delicious thrusting of multiple big cocks! Dirty tart Casey can't wait to get these dicks all over her face and in her mouth; there are some great close-ups as the guys rub their throbbing members all over her face. Then the guys take turns screwing her, and Casey is desperate for as much penis as she can get. She loves to ride it reverse cowgirl, gripping a penis in each hand and sucking on another - what a fucking whore!

Old Grandpa Bangs Two Sexy Young Coeds

Duration: 5m, 47s, Starring Baby LaBelle, Lydia Darkholme, Chaz Longshanks

(Not Rated)

In this young versus old threesome, dirty old grandpa Chaz gets it on with delicious young babes Baby and Lydia. It's got to be every older man's dream - two horny, wet and nubile girls, panting for hardcore sex! Both of these bitches take a mouthful of the old man's penis, which isn't particularly large or impressive. However, when you're a sex starved coed who is desperate for any man meat that you can get, you will take anything! Both girls get screwed by the degenerate dirty old man, including some excellent doggy style and reverse cowgirl riding. Grandpa Chaz squirts his sticky load onto one girl's hot natural titties.

Vintage Porn Housewife Interracial 3some

Duration: 6m, 29s, Starring Stacy Brauhaha, Lurk, Roger

(Not Rated)

Now this is a rarity in the vintage porn world - an interracial threesome. A MMF one at that. Interracial porn was not commonly seen due to racial tensions that lasted quite some time throughout early porn, so this is a real treat. Stacy Brauhaha is feeling rather special getting a big black dick and a skilled white cock pounding at her at the same time. She is probably turning into porn's first size queen as her pussy stretches out from taking that massive dong. Lurk and Roger grin widely as they T-bone this lusty babe.

Hot Vintage Porn Girls Showing Tits

Duration: 3m, 36s, Starring Busty Belle, Gemma Teller

(Not Rated)

A lot of vintage porn consisted of provocative dancing and lingerie posing. Apparently it's not porn if you're showing off your body with dances and sexy clothing, only if you're fucking - these girls knew how to get away with the equivalent of murder in their puritan society. Busty Belle starts things off with a highly provocative teasing dance that will have your dick harder than a rock. Gemma Teller comes in later, to show off that gorgeous body of hers and entice everyone to have a look at it.

Horny Vintage Babes Fucking Side by Side

Duration: 3m, 21s, Starring Evelyn Nightshade, Kim Dillinger, Mr. Majestick, Salazar Slick

(Not Rated)

Group sex is the kind of thing that always makes guys hot and bothered, even if the group sex happened over 50 years ago. Kim Dillinger and Evelyn Nightshade throw themselves at the dicks of Salazar Slick and Mr. Majestick. They just can't resist those cocks and they also like watching each other while they suck dick. That makes their super hairy pussies even wetter than before, and you'll see that they are juicy, dripping wet, and just asking to be licked. You aren't going to be able to turn down vintage porn after watching this.

Vintage Girls Fighting Over Dick

Duration: 5m, 51s, Starring Jenny Twazzletits, Josie Pussytwat, Brian Fury, Texas Mike

(Not Rated)

I think that the most hilarious porn moment that I've ever seen has come from a vintage porno - and it happens when one of these lusty harlots literally throws her girlfriend right off of one of the cocks. This vintage porn escapade stars Josie Pussytwat and Jenny Twazzletits taking on Texas Mike and Brian Fury. Something tells me that these girls go absolutely wild with desire when they see those dicks, and they literally attack the cock. If only these lusty ladies were still around today, because they are goddamn amazing.

Horny Dentist Takes Care of Patient

Duration: 10m, 57s, Starring Tillie, The Dentist

(Not Rated)

This vintage housewife might have been expecting a teeth cleaning, but instead she got a rather fast and furious fuck of a life time. Tillie goes in to see the dentist, and he is VERY excited to see her. He is so excited, in fact, that somehow both her pants and his get lost. He is all over this shapely vintage porn babe. If you're a hairy pussy lover you are going to go fucking insane over her hairy muff. It's absolutely incredible to look at and run your hand through nice and slow. Before long she is getting herself into a wild state of orgasm.

Interracial Lesbians From Vintage Porn

Duration: 16m, 28s, Starring Astrid Jinx, Mag The Slag

(1 Vote)

Now this is a double whammy of truly rare vintage porn - first you have the lesbian action, which isn't all that common, then you add in the fact that it's interracial lesbians, which is even rare. These hairy pussy lesbians are enjoying each other's silken furs and juicy pussy immensely, making sure to get each other all hot and bothered with hands, fingers, and tongues. The girls might not be packing tons of sex toys like today's lesbians, but that just makes the girls that much hotter as they get busy on each other.

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