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Hitch Hiking Hippie Gives A Blow Job

Duration: 3m, 16s, Starring Katie Jerkins, Albert Rocks

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In this vintage porn clip, 2 hippie chicks hitchhike and are picked up in a Volkswagen van. They park, and the redheaded girl sucks one of the guys cocks in the back of the van. She plays with his balls while she blows him, and he thrusts his cock in and out of her mouth while the driver and blonde girl look on from the front seat. He gets closer to cumming as she sucks him off harder and faster, and she jerks out his hot load of cum all over her hand while he moans and smiles in pleasure. These hitch hikers know how to pay somebody back for a lift.

Sexy Hitchhikers Put Out For A Free Ride

Duration: 12m, 34s, Starring Julian More, Katie Jerkins, Tabitha Jone, Charles Mayson, Gabriel Medow

(Not Rated)

In this excellent 1970s fuck vid, a couple of pretty blond hitchhikers get taken back home by a pair of older studs for a hardcore foursome fuck. These eager blondes don't have any money, and they know that if they want to get a free ride, they're going to have to ride some cock! Most of this video is filmed in close-ups, either of the girls' faces or of the cocks sliding in and out of the hairy pussies, so it can be a little bit difficult to tell exactly what is going on. There is also an excellent soundtrack with plenty of hot groans and moans! Rest assured that both of these sweet pussies get fucked long, hard and deep.

There are good and bad things about sex in the '60s

Duration: 10m, 42s, Starring Samantha Depie

(Not Rated)

This clip is a flashback to an earlier time in the mid to late 1960s when hippies like Samantha Depie were a part of the Free Love movement in the United States. The great news back then is that you could bang lots of slutty women who felt empowered by the fact that men wanted to have sex with them. The bad news is that back then hairy pussy was in fashion and that means having to spit out pubes any time you lick their twats.

Vintage Sluts Tackle One Lucky Dude

Duration: 15m, 59s, Starring Abbey Ray, Leonarda Timis, Sherry Easse, Paul Jenner

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Three hot sluts and one lucky guy get it on in this vintage hardcore scene. The three sluts start the clip off with some hardcore pussy licking, lying in a circle and tonguing each others' moist holes. Their moans and groans of pleasure fill the air as they work each other closer and closer to orgasm. They are joined by their man, who lies back and lets one of the girls suck his dick for a while. He maneuvers around and takes one of the girls from behind, thrusting her hard and fast with his thick cock. One of the girls rides him, and one of the whores even licks his ass, causing his cum to spurt out in great clumps.

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