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Horny Hairy Pussy Vintage Babe

Duration: 13m, 53s, Starring Estella Schnitzenpuss, Junior Farmer

(11 Votes)

Estella Schnitzenpuss is one of the most sexually charged women in the vintage porn era, and you can see that she's going to make sure that her ultra hairy pussy is filled at all times. Junior Farmer is the lucky man who gets to have this lusty vintage housewife riding right on top of his dick. He throws his head back and enjoys the ride, because Estella is one of those rare women during the vintage porn era who is not afraid to do things exactly to her satisfaction, including taking her sexual satisfaction hard and fast.

Estella Schnitzenpuss Plays Voyeur

Duration: 11m, 34s, Starring Estella Schnitzenpuss, Lacey Bannerson, Junior Farmer

(4 Votes)

There isn't a lot of vintage porn that features voyeurs, but this is probably about as close as you can get. Estella Schnitzenpuss is sitting in the corner, watching Junior Farmer go to town on Lacey Bannerson. Lacey loves getting watched while she seduces Junior and uses all of her formidable cock sucking skills to drive him crazy. She's sporting a crazy hairy pussy that gets pounded plenty hard and shown off in a close up to the camera. The entire time Estella is just hanging out like nothing is going on.

Lusty Vintage Babe Doing It in Bathroom

Duration: 6m, 29s, Starring Estella Schnitzenpuss, Junior Farmer

(2 Votes)

Estella Schnitzenpuss wants fucked immediately when she gets in the mood, whether she's baking a cake or getting herself a nice, warm bubble bath. Today you'll find her in the tub with her beau Junior Farmer, who seems like he's the type that doesn't mind fucking in the bathroom or any other room inside the house. They start things off tamely enough but end up getting down and dirty in a tub full of bubbles. This nasty vintage pair loves every second that they have together, especially when it involves pussy pounding.

Vintage Photo Shoot Turned Fuck Fest

Duration: 6m, 52s, Starring Estella Schnitzenpuss, Jenny Twazzletits, Josie Pussytwat, Ken Baynton, Larry Dallas

(3 Votes)

It's obvious that there's plenty of sexual chemistry between Josie Pussytwat, Jenny Twazzletits, Estella Schnitzenpuss, Larry Dallas and Ken Baynton. They're doing a rather tame photo shoot to start things off, but you know that they're not going to end this scene with all of their clothes on. They don't even bother leaving the studio before this group starts to indulge their passionate, sexual, and down-right lusty side by fucking right on the set. It's going to be fun getting the cum stains out of the backdrop.

Vintage Porno Filled with Gorgeous Women

Duration: 14m, 9s, Starring Estella Schnitzenpuss, Jenny Twazzletits, Josie Pussytwat, Ken Baynton, Larry Dallas

(6 Votes)

Josie Pussytwat, Jenny Twazzletits and Estella Schnitzenpuss are all starring in this rather sex filled vintage porno. You're going to see pretty much every damn combination of fucking that you would love. Josie delivers a mean blowjob on Larry Dallas while Jenny and Estella are exploring the fine art of lesbian fucking. Ken Baynton gets himself a rather good time when he runs into one of these sexually charged ladies and offers up his dick as an offering to satiate their out of control sexual energy.

Early Vintage Porn with Estella

Duration: 5m, 41s, Starring Estella Schnitzenpuss, Larry Dallas

(3 Votes)

The vintage porn era had some of the most interesting pornstar names around. Today we're looking at Estella Shnitzenpuss. Who knows the origin of her last name but it has to be one of the most interesting things to moan outloud in the history of porn. Larry Dallas is already naked and sitting on the photo set when Estella comes up to him. The pure sexual tension between these two speaks to a rather intense fuck fest. It's probably not the most comfortable place in the world to get freaky out but this lusty couple couldn't care less.

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