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Hot Redhead Gabriella Banks Masturbating

Duration: 6m, 44s, Starring Gabriella Banks

(5 Votes)

Get up close and personal with stunning redhead MILF Gabriella Banks in this supreme solo girl video. As she stands on the other side of the yard dressed in nothing but her high heels and bikini, you could mistake the slutty redhead for a much younger woman; her skin is still firm and smooth and she has an awesome pair of natural tits. She smiles into the camera seductively as she lays out a towel and lies back, stripping then spreading her legs to show you her inner pink. She's got puffy pussy lips that are begging to be opened, licked and fucked! Her favorite sex toy is a slim plastic job and she licks it before she fuck herself with it.

Busty Blond TJ Hart Toys In Back Yard

Duration: 5m, 29s, Starring T.J. Hart

(2 Votes)

This solo masturbation video is filmed in an almost voyeuristic manner. It's as if you're looking over the back fence in to the yard of blond tart TJ Hart. She's sunbathing underneath the dappled shade of a tree. Her legs are spread, and you can see her pussy lips clearly outlined against the sheer fabric of her black bikini. She hasn't seen you yet, and so she pulls out an extremely large pink sex toy, realistically shaped like a gentleman's cock. She lovingly licks it, getting it wet with her saliva and then rubbing the hard plastic toy against her pussy lips. Wouldn't you love to see her impale herself on this mammoth tool?

Hot Andrea Jaxx Dildos Herself To Orgasm

Duration: 6m, 29s, Starring Andrea Jaxx

(1 Vote)

You can't blame busty and gorgeous blond Andrea Jaxx - a woman has needs to be satisfied! This stunning blond bikini babe is sunbathing out by the pool when she feels a familiar burning between her legs. She looks around, making sure that no one is watching before she spreads her legs. Underneath her short skirt she is not wearing any panties and her pussy is freshly prepared for sex! She looks directly down at her fleshy mound as she rubs herself and then pulls out a slim black vibrator, twisting the end to turn at on to high-speed. She keeps on staring fixedly at her pussy as she rubs her clit and pussy lips until she creams herself.

Bailey O'Dare Flashes Her Enormous Tits

Duration: 6m, 41s, Starring Bailey O'Dare

(1 Vote)

Check out the huge fucking tits on mature redhead babe Bailey O'Dare! This big titty redhead looks like a complete whore and she is definitely going to put on an entertaining show for you today! First she poses in her slutty high heels and short skirt, leaning forward to give you a good view of her cleavage before she gets her massive tits out in all their glory. However, this scene is mainly about masturbation, with Bailey bending over on the black leather sofa and looking back over her shoulder at you as she rubs her clit. She pulls her pussy lips apart to expose herself fully. This horny bitch has no shame - she shows both holes!

Cheyenne Hunter Enjoys Alone Time

Duration: 6m, 26s, Starring Cheyenne Hunter

(5 Votes)

Cheyenne Hunter has the body of a sexual goddess, long brown hair, and an ass that is going to make your dick sit up and take notice. A girl like this usually has all sorts of guys in her bed, but today she's going it alone. She works herself up and down her body, especially paying attention to that gorgeous ass. Her pussy is getting wetter by the second, and her nipples are so hard that she's going to be cutting glass with them soon enough. Before long you'll find her getting off hard and fast, with plenty of moans.

Young Wife Stephanie Frigs Her Snatch

Duration: 6m, 36s, Starring Stephanie Swing

(2 Votes)

Young blond MILF Stephanie Swing is desperate to cum! Her husband just doesn't touch her and she has feminine needs that demand to be satisfied. First she lies back on the mattress cover, spreading her legs wide and showing off her bright pink pussy to the camera. She holds her cunt open with both hands, letting you see right inside! Although her labia is completely shaved, up above her pubic mound she has a charming patch of hair that matches the blond hair on her head. Stephanie also has hot natural tits; they're small, but perfectly formed and her nipples are hard little rocks. She frigs her dirty cunt until she cums.

Blond Maid Michelle Strokes Her Vagina

Duration: 9m, 57s, Starring Michelle L

(2 Votes)

Wouldn't you love to have a slutty maid like this? Mature blond Michelle has dressed up in an extremely tarty maid's outfit and she's ready to put on a show for your pleasure. Unlike most maid's uniforms, this one is covered in seductive lace and has fishnet stockings that only go up to the knee. When she lifts up her short skirt, you'll see that she is not wearing any panties - and that her mature pussy is completely shaved! Michelle seems slightly shy in front of the camera, turning her face away from the lens in shame and blushing charmingly as she strokes her shaved, moist pussy to a stupendous orgasm. What a dirty fucking slut!

Kitty Lee Chubby Amateur Fingering

Duration: 10m, 3s, Starring Kitty Lee

(4 Votes)

Kitty Lee is a chubby amateur that has a great set of natural tits, as well as an inclination to work at her pussy every time she has a chance. Her fingers are rather skilled, and you're going to love watching her work them all over the place. Her purple lingerie is cute looking, and her big natural tits are going to draw most of your attention. She makes some rather delicious noises, and before long she is driving herself hard and fast to an orgasm that she's never going to forget - and you won't want to either.

Curvy Amateur Leah Stevenson Loves Dildo

Duration: 7m, 38s, Starring Leah Stevenson

(1 Vote)

Leah Stevenson is a gorgeous blond amateur that has a bit of curvy action going on, as well as a love for dildos. She is having a bit of a quiet session at her place, and for her that involves her favorite red dildo. She doesn't strip down all the way but first teases on top of her panties, then moves along to those cute tits of hers. She just wants to cum all day long, but she makes sure to draw it out, giving you the show that you want to whack off to. She just loves this teasing shit.

Celestia Star Outdoor Masturbation

Duration: 5m, Starring Celestia Star

(1 Vote)

Celestia Star is a gorgeous blond amateur that enjoys giving her neighbors the best show of their lives - a peep show that consists of her masturbating in her backyard. Sure there's a fence, but when has that ever stopped anyone from seeing what they want to? So she shows her exhibitionist side, and then she starts her self love session. Her hands trace up and down her body, brushing up against her vagina, and then she works into it a bit harder, making sure she's close to coming before long.

Elyssa Anderson Trampoline Masturbation

Duration: 11m, 6s, Starring Elyssa Anderson

(2 Votes)

If there's one thing that I want to see in more porn scenes, it's a goddamn trampoline. In what situation is a trampoline bad? Oh that's right, NONE! You can see the pure fucking majesty of trampoline masturbation with the help of Elyssa Anderson. She is bouncing all over with every motion, and that includes her succulent natural titties. It gets even better when she brings out her dildo, because then she's going up and down as well as bouncing all over. A trampoline orgasm just seals the deal to this being completely fucking awesome.

Asian Pornstar Lucy Lee Masturbating

Duration: 7m, 29s, Starring Kitty Langdon, Lucy Lee

(105 Votes)

Lucy Lee has a very demanding schedule of fucking every big dick dude in porn, but sometimes she gets a chance to be alone, but that doesn't stop her. She just fucks herself into one of the greatest orgasms that she's ever had on camera. She starts off by stripping down and making sure to linger over all of her favorite bits. Then she works her way down to her pussy, and she spreads open her tight slit. Her fingers go in nice and slow, teasing her so much that she almost cums when she starts.

Katsumi Pleasures Her Asian Slit

Duration: 9m, 33s, Starring Katsumi

(45 Votes)

Katsumi is one of those Asian pornstars that loves showing off every aspect of herself - and Mia is showing it off in a dress that clings to her every curve. She strips out of it and shows off her little Asian ass and perky tits. After that she brings up her legs, showing off stripper heels She licks her fingers nice and slow, getting them wet before going down to her pussy. With her legs spread out she puts one hand on her pussy and the other claws at her hot tits. She takes herself to a wonderful orgasm.

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