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Leah Wilde is a Petite Masturbator

Duration: 10m, 22s, Starring Leah Wilde

(8 Votes)

If there's one thing that I really like to see in porn, it's the girls that love to show off what they do during their down time. Leah Wilde especially enjoys showing off her masturbation technique, and she spreads her legs wide to have you appreciate every last thing that she does. She's wearing these cute shoes and high socks, so if you have a bit of a foot fetish you'll enjoy that. Before that she has perky tits and long legs, so you'll get a great view of this cute girl next door blond once she starts doing her dirty business.

Brandi Lyons Enjoys Her Pussy

Duration: 9m, 49s, Starring Brandi Lyons

(6 Votes)

Brandi Lyons might look like your typical girl next door, but there's nothing typical about this brunette beauty. She has absolutely awesome legs that are stretched out nice and long, with cute knee high socks and not much else on. She has a rather mischievous look on her face as she gets the dildo ready, and before long she has those legs spread wide and her perky tits bouncing up and down with every thrust. By the time she's ready to finish, she makes sure that she has you ready to go right alongside her.

Seductive Brunette Natasha Nice

Duration: 10m, 52s, Starring Natasha Nice

(11 Votes)

If there's one thing that Natasha Nice likes to do, it's masturbate. And when she has an avid audience it makes her that much more willing to do it, working her fingers up and down her slit until she's seconds away from cumming. She perches on top of her chair and spreads her legs out so you can see her sweet slit. As she works on herself, her fingers touch every single spot that she needs to drive herself to a loud orgasm. As she gets closer and closer she walks around, allowing you to see her awesome fucking ass.

Brooke Scott Enjoys Her Dildo

Duration: 9m, 33s, Starring Brooke Scott

(6 Votes)

Brooke Scott is a lovely blond pornstar that loves nothing more than slipping a big fat vibrator or dildo right in her hole. She moans and bucks her hips up when she brings out her favorite toy, which makes her rather thrilled. As she works it up and down her slit, she makes sure to hit all the sweet spots that she got ready with her fingers. Before long she is trying to stop from having an orgasm too fast, but by then it's too late - she is just going to lose it all over the place, having one loud ass orgasm.

Cute Asian Plays With Purple Rabbit

Duration: 7m, 24s, Starring Angel Venus

(708 Votes)

Angel Venus is one hot Asian. Butt naked, legs spread so we can see her tight little pussy she starts playing with her purple rabbit. Her cunt is so tight that she has to slide it slowly in past her lips. And this slut is an acrobat, holding one leg in the air as she pleasures herself. In and out she gently strokes the depths of her juicy wet womanhood. Moans of pleasure are heard as the toy slips deeper and deeper into her cunt. Thee ears of the rabbit massaging her clit while the rest of the toy is in her love hole cause her to convulse with pleasure. Her moans turn to sighs and pants as her toy pleasures her to the limit of her endurance.

Asia Is Horny And Can Do It Herself

Duration: 8m, 21s, Starring Asia

(27 Votes)

Exotic Oriental Asia lays naked on a bean bag chair, and she sucks on her fingers to get them nice and wet before she uses them to rub her hairy pussy. She talks dirty to the camera as she masturbates, and she brings her fingers to her lips to taste her own juices. She puts a vibrator in her mouth before she shoves it in her tight twat, and she pitons it in and out, making her moan in pleasure. She turns over and lays on her stomach to fuck herself from behind, and she makes herself cum hard again and again.

Tabitha James Brings Herself To Orgasm

Duration: 9m, 43s, Starring Tabitha James

(3 Votes)

Studious-looking brunette Tabitha James lays back on her bed in nylons and high heels. She fingers her splayed-open pussy, and she spreads both her legs and her cunt lips wide to give us a good view of her pink hole. She rubs her erect clit, and she takes hold of a purple dildo and rubs it against her throbbing twat. She slides that fake cock into her tight snatch, and she thrusts it in and out before turning to fuck herself from behind. Nothing makes her cum harder than knowing that you're watching her.

Stacy Adams Frigs Herself In The Shower

Duration: 8m, 10s, Starring Stacy Adams

(6 Votes)

Buxom black bitch Stacy Adams sits on a ledge in the shower, all but naked and playing with her wet pussy. She spreads her legs wide and rubs her erect clit, splitting her swollen lips open to show off the pink hole underneath. She shoves a finger into her tight cunt, thrusting it in and out as she moans in pleasure. She takes hold of a flesh colored dildo and thrusts it into her twat, thrusting it in and out and fucking herself with abandon. She brings herself to many earth-shattering orgasms.

Aaliyah Jolie Finger Fucks Herself

Duration: 12m, 10s, Starring Aaliyah Jolie

(3 Votes)

Pale and thin blonde Aaliyah Jolie introduces herself while laying on the bed in a skimpy outfit. She's coaxed into stripping for the camera, exposing her tiny tits and nice ass. She lays back and spreads her legs wide to finger her hairy pussy, shoving three fingers in her wet twat before raising them to her lips to taste her own juices. She finger fucks that tight cunt, and she flips over and gets on her hands and knees to diddle herself from behind. She makes herself cum many times, not shy at all about getting herself off.

Cherry Poppens Diddles Her Hard Clit

Duration: 11m, 40s, Starring Cherry Poppens

(4 Votes)

Pale redheaded cutie Cherry Poppens sits naked on a bed and introduces herself to the camera. She lays back to play with her hairy pussy, rubbing her erect clit and massaging her pert natural tits and pierced nipples. She arches her back and spreads her swollen pussy lips to show off her pink hole, and she moans in pleasure as she raises her fingers to her lips to taste her own juices. She looks into the camera as she diddles herself, and she loves the idea that you're watching her masturbate and get herself off.

Kiwi Ling Fucks Herself With A Dildo

Duration: 7m, 35s, Starring Kiwi Ling

(17 Votes)

Pale Asian beauty Kiwi Ling is one naughty girl, and she loves it when you watch her get off. She sits on a chair, naked save for high heels, and she sucks on a purple dildo. After she's gotten it nice and wet, she lays back and rubs her hard clit before fingering her wet pussy. She rubs that dildo against her engorged lips and she shoves it up her tight snatch, thrusting it in and out before sucking on it to taste her own juices. She rubs a vibrator against her clit as she fucks herself with the dildo, and she makes herself cum before she collapses back sweaty and spent.

Asian Christina Aguchi Gets Herself Off

Duration: 7m, 33s, Starring Christina Aguchi

(121 Votes)

Beautiful Asian Christina Aguchi is so horny that she has to bring herself some satisfaction. She lays back on the couch naked, sliding her hand down her tight body until it comes to rest between her legs. She traces circles around her erect clit, and she slides two fingers into her sopping wet pussy. She tweaks her hard nipples while she masturbates, and she grabs a vibrator and shoves it into her twat to fuck herself with it. She brings herself to many satisfying orgasms, and it turns her on that she knows you're watching.

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