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John Holmes Master Cocksman

Sally Peeper Vintage Porn Big Dick

Duration: 16m, 52s, Starring Sally Peeper, John Holmes

(42 Votes)

Vintage big dick porn almost always featured John Holmes and his monster cock, which made all of the vintage porn ladies swoon the second they saw it. Sally Peeper is all over his cock right from the get go. If she wasn't a size queen before fucking this dick, she certainly is after she's gotten her hands on it. She loves rubbing it all over her body and you see just how hard it ends up splitting her sweet hairy pussy. She might have some trouble walking the next day but it's a memory that she is never going to forget.

Nasty Vintage Chick Loves Big Dick

Duration: 14m, 15s, Starring Janice Marie, John Holmes

(13 Votes)

When you are a size queen in the vintage porn era, there is exactly one dick that you wanted to go to - John Holmes' cock. His dick is so big that it made him famous throughout the ages, and it also got so many chicks after him for the fuck of their life. These ladies just want to pound pound pound away until they can fit their pussies all the way around his dong. As Janice Marie throws herself at John Holmes her pussy is screaming out to take a ride on that world famous cock, no matter how stretched she gets.

Horny Teen Gets A Fat Cock To Suck And Fuck

Duration: 7m, 6s, Starring Stephanie Ranger, John Holmes

(18 Votes)

John Holmes and his dick are pretty much the most famous male pornstar around, and it's in part to the way he handles the saucy ladies who simply throw themselves at him. He's all about getting his dick deep inside the hairy pussy of Stephanie Ranger, who is very happy to see him. Her pussy can barely contain all of his inches and you can hear it stretching and straining as he thrusts in deep. Her moans get louder and louder and you know that she's about to experience the hottest orgasm of the century.

Two Women Attack John Holmes' Dick

Duration: 7m, 30s, Starring Hailey Train, Mable Bell, John Holmes

(25 Votes)

John Holmes is one of those guys that got better known than the hotties he was fucking when he was kicking it during the classic porn era. Mable Bell and Hailey Train are all over his dick, one girl on one side and one on the other. They need to have a setup like that because John Holmes' dick is so damn thick that neither one of these girls wants to be the first one to try putting that dick in their mouth. Instead these ladies are going to go ahead and work together to accomplish all of their cocksucking goals.

John Holmes Dick Takes Care of Two

Duration: 13m, 25s, Starring Kitty Foreman, Lori Bacall, John Holmes

(18 Votes)

Lori Bacall and Kitty Foreman are about to have a solo experience with John Holmes' dick that will sour them on pretty much everyone's dick for the rest of their lives. John starts off by getting Lori to attempt to take his dick all the way down her throat. It's pretty much impossible for her, since he's one of the biggest dick guys around. Kitty Foreman comes in about halfway through the scene for her own one on one time with John Holmes. She takes a taste of that cock and makes sure to get it shoved in her sweet pussy.

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