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Lipstick Lesbians

vintage dad wants to fuck hot girl so fucking bad

Duration: 8m, 33s, Starring Hailey, Maggie

(14 Votes)

Maggie and Hailey are the hottest lesbians of their time. When hairy muff was in vogue these two had it all covered. Juicy cunt lips get teased by expert tongue action. Slow and gentle licking sends shivers of lust through their spines. We see bodies gyrating from the pleasure of lustful tongue in pussy action. There are plenty of close ups of juicy wet cunts getting tickled by lesbian tongue. Orgasmic spasms are the result of gentle stroking of delicate pussy lips. we see plenty of finger action on excited clits and juicy wet pussy.

Hot Lesbians Use Toys on Their Cunts

Duration: 3m, 34s, Starring Beverly, Frida

(1 Vote)

Frida and Beverly are two classic stars who know how to get each other off. Starting with nipple licking the panties are quickly removed and eager tongues quickly find wanting pussy. Vigorous clit licking combined with pussy lip licking soon shifts into the sixty nine position where they can equally share in their lust for each other. Tongue in pussy is a staple for these hot lesbos but wanting more they get out the electric toys. With vibrators in their cunts they have themselves lusting for more. The proper application of the toy against their womanhood results in a pulsing orgasm for them both.

Three Lesbian Slluts Use Didlos To Cum

Duration: 2m, 42s, Starring Kelly, Stella

(7 Votes)

This classic has three lesbians pleasing each other with dildos. While their hands are stroking their cunts with their toys their tongues are in each others mouths. Various shots of the toy dicks plunging in and out of their juicy wet holes. Bodies serging and heaving with lust they continue pleasuring their pussies. The deeper and faster they go the more their bodies pulse with lust. These horney sluts just can't seem get enough. It is exhausting work but these beauties just don't quit. Finally their bodies seize after one final spasm when they reach the climax of the effort and explode in orgasm.

Thre Hod Lesbians In Pussy Licking Fest

Duration: 8m, 52s, Starring Cathy, Elsa, Gertrude

(Not Rated)

These three hotties from the classic era do it all. Right off the bat they get down to business. Off come the panties and tops exposing exquisite breasts and pussies. Close ups of tongue in pussy from behind are followed by nipple licking. There is plenty of face in the pussy to go around. Two tongues working the same muff send trembles of lust through the lucky sluts body. Out comes the giant dildo and they take turns taking it up thier cunts. The gyrations of their bodies follow the strokes of the toy cock.

Two Classic Sluts Lick Fresh Pussy

Duration: 15m, 59s, Starring Lisa, Marie

(6 Votes)

This classic has Lisa and Marie showing their attraction for one another. Off come the clothes to expose two beautiful bodies. The typical kissing and caressing of the tits and is followed by plenty of tongue action on the pussy. These two take turns carpet munching each other. The spasms and gyrations from the one being eaten out shows that these chicks know how to please one an other. Expert fingers in the pussy combined with tongue on the clit have these sluts quickly reaching a high level of excitement. Close ups of their snatch exposes classic cunts at their best.

Vintage Porn Lesbian Threesome

Duration: 3m, 19s, Starring Ashley, Nadine, Shasta

(7 Votes)

Ashley, Shasta and Nadine are a trio of vintage lesbians who have an intense sexual chemistry with each other and they're going to go ahead and fuck themselves into a stupor. They have the idea to do a lesbian threesome and just bring some plastic dicks along for the ride. They get so damn intense that the pussy juice is dripping right off of their slits, and getting a mess all over the place. Of course these ladies don't care, they just want to go ahead and fuck the day away until they can't orgasm any more.

Gorgeous Vintage Porn Lesbians Lick Puss

Duration: 9m, 31s, Starring Ivy, Pam

(10 Votes)

There's nothing like watching vintage porn lesbians if you're in the mood for some spectacular pussy lickers who are going to make you jizz in your pants. The sexual chemistry is out of this world and you'll see that these ladies just keep going and going harder and harder on each other. Pam and Ivy are both sporting very hairy pussies and they're more than happy to let those twats get licked all over the place too. You won't be able to contain yourself when you see these vintage porn girls going at it lesbian style.

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