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Older Women Younger Men 3

Mature Blond Barbara Hess Can Still Fuck Goddamn it!

Duration: 16m, 29s, Starring Guy DaSilva

(9 Votes)

Hot diggity damn, Barbara Hess must have been the belle of the ball back in her heyday. This smarmy, old whore still has a couple tricks up her dirty sleeve because honestly, dick-sucking skills that have been honed over the last few decades don't get forgotten. Getting on her sweet knees, she takes porn Hall of Famer, Guy DaSilva into her mouth with such gusto, it's surprising she isn't a MVP herself! Wearing a full-length body suit with a gaping hole where the crotch area should be, horny Barb gets stuck missionary style! That cock pumps her like the devil's piston. It spares her no mercy despite her advanced age!

Wild Bedroom Fuck with Mature Pixie Do' Carol Jones!

Duration: 27m, 11s, Starring

(12 Votes)

When you think of that sweet, old lady that used to bake you cookies when you were a little rascal, but for some reason whenever she wore her sexy floral summer dress, you'd feel all weird inside? Got her locked in your mind's eye yet? For me, that mature babe is Carol Jones. Bespectacled and rocking the pixie haircut, Carol is spread on the bed, ready to get ultra-fucked! John Player has his work cut out for him. She uncoils his trouser snake and lets it hide in her mouth for a good ten minutes before getting her aged, but still juicy twat straight pounded son!

Greta Carlson, Mature Whore with Devastingly Huge Tits

Duration: 15m, 48s, Starring Greta Carlson

(7 Votes)

Sultry stunner, Greta Carlson would give any young, dumb, wet-behind-the-ears newbie a run for their money. Just take a moment to slurp up that uber bodacious body... Are you seeing what I'm seeing? Huge cosmic titties? Check. Flat tummy, round fuckable ass and years upon years of decadent experience? Done and done, well, kind reader, it's fucking go time! Greta is sweet enough to gives us a short preview of what she's working with by way of a sexy solo masturbation session. If you think that's searing-hot, watch her ride an unknown male's face, and then get drilled. What beautiful music your moans make, Greta, you cheeky whore!

Sexy Mature Jennie is Taking Curvy Womenhood Back!

Duration: 6m, 50s, Starring Jenny Joyce, Rick Masters

(7 Votes)

Back in the days of the Renaissance, chunky mama, Jennie Joyce would've definitely been a hot commodity for artists who loved celebrating bigger, curvy women instead of the stick figures and lollipop-head models we have today. Half those anorexic bitches couldn't take a fraction of the cock punishment that Jennie does with pussy hound, Rick Masters. More cushion for the pushin' baby! This curly-haired ginger slut rides the shaft express for like an hour! With multiple orgasms rattling out through her wet cunt like machine gun rounds, Jennie Joyce is rare breed of fuck machine indeed!

Patty Plenty: Obscenely Huge Titty Fuck Ends In Cum Drink!

Duration: 12m, 28s, Starring Patty Plenty, Guy DaSilva

(8 Votes)

Patty Plenty has whopping huge tits. That's pretty much all the response my braincells can produce right now. These boobs aren't just big in the sense like, yeah, okay, ample handfuls, but border on the obscene. Like I bet Shaq couldn't even palm these sweater puppies! You better believe those tits get straight titty fucked by Guy DaSilva. After getting pre-cum lost in the folds, he jams his cock of thunder in Patty's mouth and lets her play his skin flute til he busts his creamy, white froth right in her greedy whore mouth! Bickity Bam!

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