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Reach Out & Touch Me

Sandra Twain Taking On Probing Fingers

Duration: 12m, 29s, Starring Sandra Twain

(Not Rated)

Sandra Twain is a cute girl next door that looks like she could use a bit of attention - so she gets plenty of it in this POV fingering video. She starts off slow by doing a bit of a strip tease, making sure that she shows off every part of her body. By the time she's done with that, she already has the camera guy so riled up that she's about to burst. Then she goes and lets him start to touch her, with the POV style making it seem like you're in the room with her, working your fingers all over that sweet body.

Daria Glower Loves POV Fingering

Duration: 11m, 25s, Starring Daria Glower

(1 Vote)

Now this is a POV scene that you've probably never seen before - instead of POV blowjobs or hardcore, you're getting to see the pussies up close and personal because the camera man is fingering them. This particular guy is going after Daria Glower, who certainly isn't complaining about it. In fact she's rather thrilled, opening up her legs super wide and letting him get all the access that he needs. The camera is right there so you can share in this naughty adventure, which ends up with her pussy slick with juices.

Cute Sandra Kay Takes Fondling in Stride

Duration: 12m, 47s, Starring Sandra Kay

(1 Vote)

Sandra Kay didn't know exactly what to expect with this POV scene, but she finds out soon enough. First she goes through the striptease, although she's pretty much not wearing anything at the beginning to take off. After she's gone through the preliminaries, she goes ahead and starts with the main show. This involves her getting her sweet nipples fondled by the camera man, who just can't resist himself. As his hands start to work down her body, she's getting hornier and hornier by the second. It's just that hot.

Lingerie Loving Amateur Gets POV Famous

Duration: 14m, 24s, Starring Natali DiAngelo

(Not Rated)

Natalia DiAngelo is one of those women that just looks fucking amazing in lingerie - and of course she looks great in everything else as well. Once she starts walking towards the camera you'll see that she is a vision of loveliness. She starts to come closer and closer, taking off the lingerie and showing that she is just as hot underneath. Before long she's so close that you could practically reach out and touch her - and that's exactly what the camera man goes ahead and does, caressing her body with his fingers.

Trashy Blond Touched in Hot POV Action

Duration: 11m, 37s, Starring Mika Veronica

(Not Rated)

Mika Veronica is a trashy blond party girl that knows what she needs to do to knock you out of your socks - and it mostly consists of just stripping down and showing off her great body. She has these wonderful long legs, short blond hair, and legs that just won't quit. Once she gets close to the camera she doesn't mind the camera man reaching out and starting to work his fingers over every part of her body. She just can't resist it, and when he gets all the way down to her pussy she fucking loses it, loving every last bit.

Angelina Enjoys The POV Masturbation

Duration: 13m, 7s, Starring Angelina

(1 Vote)

This masturbation scene is a little bit different than your typical POV action. Instead of her just working on her pussy or getting on the camera guy, she's taking a hell of a fingering, as well as plenty of groping from him. You can tell that the thought of this excites her like nothing else. Before long her pussy is soaked through, and her boobies are bouncing with every motion of either the camera or herself. She has this great amateur body that is going to make you drool, as well as plenty of ways to make you want to cum.

Evita Fine Enjoying the Fondling

Duration: 13m, 17s, Starring Evita Fine

(2 Votes)

Evita Fine is a gorgeous amateur that doesn't mind a bit of fondling here and there, and you'll find that she is fascinated by the whole POV fingering thing. She is rather happy to show off her entire body, and as she moves it she ends up spreading her sweet pussy nice and wide, making my mouth water. From there she takes on the camera guy's fingers a bit more, and doesn't mind him invading her gorgeous cunt with a sex toy. Once she's cummed from that, he gets in for a real close up shot of that pussy.

Massive Tit Amateur in POV Fondling

Duration: 12m, 31s, Starring Carol Stone

(1 Vote)

Now this is an awesome use of POV camera technology. Instead of watching the guy get a blowjob, or some of the other normal stuff that you'll see in a POV camera, you get to enjoy a whole lot of fondling. Carol Stone comes out in rather slinky lingerie, and she gets played with all over. She also makes sure to take advantage of the camera angles, and as she works that sweet body you'll see her start to move faster and faster. Her pussy ends up soaked, and she's going to stay on your mind a long time.

Jenna Wilde Gets Properly Fondled

Duration: 12m, Starring Jenna Wilde

(1 Vote)

Jenna Wilde is in the mood for a good fingering, and it turns out that she's in just the right place for this service. This isn't your typical POV video - there's no blowjobs, and other than finger and toy fucking you're not getting that part. What you are getting is a gorgeous pornstar that is getting poked and prodded all over by the camera man. He seems to be enjoying his side of things, and once she gets all worked up you can see how soaked her pussy gets by the end of it. Now that's a hot as fuck scene.

Mili Jay Fondled in POV Video

Duration: 12m, 30s, Starring Mili Jay

(Not Rated)

Mili Jay is a sweet amateur who has a penchant for getting herself into plenty of kinky situations. While this might not be the kinkiest thing that she's done, this is probably one of the most unusual situations for her to explore. She is in a POV video that looks her up and down all over, getting so close that you'll feel like you're in the room yourself. Then she starts to get fondled by the camera man, eventually getting fingered so completely that she's hard pressed to not have started orgasming immediately.

Camera Man POV Fondling Sandra De Marco

Duration: 14m, Starring Sandra De Marco

(1 Vote)

This is a bit of a switch on your standard POV blowjob videos. Instead of the girl fucking the guy, whether with her pussy and mouth, he's just fingering her and fucking her with a dildo. This is Sandra De Marco, who you are going to be making a rather close acquaintance to soon enough. You get to see a POV view of her body so great that it's almost like you're in the room with her. And oh the noises that she makes when the camera dude slips that dildo deep inside of her pussy - it's just fucking insane.

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