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Red Snapper

Yummy Redhead Rides Older Man's Penis

Duration: 9m, 10s, Starring Peach, Old Man McCallister

(3 Votes)

This horny vintage clip opens on a delicious young redhead called Peach having her pussy pounded in missionary by a much older man. This babe doesn't mind the fact that the guy is old enough to be her father - his big dick just feels too good! After some missionary pumping, the couple change positions, with the older man lying on his back while the young babe dons a ridiculous Native American style headdress. She dances around the living room and then she pounces on the older man's penis, sucking it to an erection once again before she starts to ride. This all natural babe has got some fantastic tits! A couple also watch from the doorway.

Red Haired Vintage Harlot Loves On Top

Duration: 11m, 46s, Starring Diana, Lisa De Leeuw, Rod

(3 Votes)

Diana is a red haired vintage porn beauty that might not look this way anymore, but we can certainly appreciate her past exploits. Her body is pale and beautiful, a haunting counterpoint to her stunning petite body. Her long legs are stretched out wide as she goes down on Rod in reverse cowgirl position. As she's slamming her pussy down on his dick her moaning slowly intensifies more and more until you'd think they could hear it all the way in another city. Her orgasm is authentic, fun, and especially loud.

Seductive Vintage Housewife Threesome

Duration: 6m, 3s, Starring Karen, Lilly, Duke

(2 Votes)

Lilly, Karen and Duke are showing off their naughty sides in this vintage hardcore porno. Instead of these vintage housewives going off in the kitchen, they're in the bedroom doing something rather naughty. They want to tag team Duke and they're eying up that dick from across the room. The women get a slow and seductive smile on their faces as they make their way towards him, lusting after that cock like they never have before. Maybe it's the thought of a threesome, or maybe it's the camera, but either way they let go of all their inhibitions to have a good time.

Slut and Stud In Classic Fucking Session

Duration: 7m, 42s, Starring Elsa, Glen

(Not Rated)

Classic seventies porn starring Elsa and Glen. Her energetic blow job gets his dick as hard as steel in no time. Taking him deep and slow, then licking the tip, has him moaning in no time. Unable to resist her lustful actions he bows his load all over. Returning the favor he gets down on her wet and juicy pussy. His expert tongue action on her swollen clit has her gasping in lust. She is so horny that she begs for more and he bends her over and plows her pussy from behind. His continuous stroking has makes him blow his load again, all over her ass.

Naughty Vintage Porno Shows Hairy Pussy

Duration: 19m, 19s, Starring Bethany, Ellie, Meredith, Glen

(3 Votes)

If you're a hairy pussy fan and you don't watch vintage porn already, I don't know what's wrong with you. This intense vintage hardcore action features Bethany, Meredith, Ellie, and Glen. With the exception of the penis in the scene, all of the pussies are hairy and you're going to be enjoying the all natural women showing off their stuff. The ladies are enjoying the hot cock injection and they're going to keep on going until they get exactly what they want - a good stiff fuck that leaves them moaning.

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