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John Makes Sexy Gail Cum With His Tongue

Duration: 12m, 36s, Starring Gail Sterling, John Leslie

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If foreplay is your thing, then this scene will definitely satisfy you! Gail Stirling and John Leslie have an extended and romantic fuck in this excellent vintage sex scene. At first John lies back on the bed in sheer luxury as Gail goes down on him, kneeling in between his thighs and submissively sucking his cock until he is ready to burst. Not wanting to blow his load too soon, John takes a break from the stimulation, paying Gail back for her excellent suck job with some sloppy pussy licking of his own. He leads Gail to one orgasm with his tongue and then he slides his prick into her hole, fucking her hard and rough for another climax.

Rita Ricardo Getting Feet Sucked

Duration: 16m, 4s, Starring Rita Ricardo, Paul Thomas

(Not Rated)

Rita Ricardo is a rather open minded broad, and she enjoys all sorts of sexual activity. One of the activities that she really enjoys is a nice, hot foot fetish, and you'll see her offering up her feet to Paul Thomas for some sucking action. She gets a big smile on her face, although you won't see that as she's sucking him off while he's sucking on her toes. Now that's a hot combination that you're going to remember for a long time. As he feeds her his dick he's getting close to cumming, so they switch out positions pretty quick.

Fantastic Vintage Amateur Threesome Fuck

Duration: 12m, 59s, Starring Gail Sterling, Patricia Shields, Richard Pacheco

(Not Rated)

This excellent threesome video might be old, but it is super fucking hot! At first we see bespectacled geek Richard watching gorgeous babes Gail Sterling and Patricia Shields getting it on on a mattress on the floor. While Richard watches in amazement, the two girls lick each others' breasts and each others' vaginas. Then they both turn to Richard, beckoning to him to join them on the mattress; Richard needs no further encouragement, launching himself amongst the two babes to get his cock sucked by both whores at the same time! He screws both girls hard, each slut begging him to unload right inside her slippery fuck hole.

Real Couple Fucking During Picnic

Duration: 10m, 32s, Starring Juliet Anderson, Paul Thomas

(5 Votes)

Picnics are supposed to be romantic things to begin with, so is it any wonder that this is the scene set for this porno? Juliet Anderson and Paul Thomas start things off quietly enough, but once the clothes start coming off it ends up being hot as hell. Juliet has a great amateur body, with natural tits, plenty of curves, and you just gotta love watching her get pounded in her sweet pussy. Before long she is gasping and moaning in pleasure, and she fucking loves the way she feels as she has her orgasm.

Juliet Anderson and Rita Ricardo

Duration: 14m, 36s, Starring Juliet Anderson, Rita Ricardo

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Juliet Anderson and Rita Ricardo are in for some classic lesbian fun, and they start things out on an old timey phone that will bring a smile to your face. Of course phone sex isn't good enough for them, so off Rita goes to keep the passions high. This classic lesbian porno is one of the hottest that I think I've ever seen, and she keeps on getting more and more intense. This is one of the muff diving scenes that you're going to want to keep in your favorites, because it's just fucking hot. Make sure to check it out.

Erotic Vintage Husband And Wife Fuck

Duration: 14m, 1s, Starring Rita Ricardo, John Leslie

(3 Votes)

In this vintage fuck clip, John Leslie gets it on with attractive brunette Rita Ricardo. The scene is hardcore, but John is obviously obsessed with Rita's pleasure; rather than it being a dominating fucking where John is only worried about taking his own pleasure, it's more like a romantic husband and wife fuck. The couple lie together on the bed with plenty of mutual oral sex going both ways, with John licking Rita's pussy and also having his cock sucked by the nubile brunette. He gives her a damn good fucking, mainly towering over her in missionary and holding Rita's legs apart so that he can really penetrate her tight pussy.

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